IBM Storage for big data and analytics

Unleash the real value of your data with Smarter Storage

Data presents opportunities and challenges that can affect the success of your company. The insights revealed through Smarter Analytics™ (US) and the scalable, optimised and resilient data ready infrastructure offered by IBM Storage can help you extract the value from your data to make better, faster decisions.

Data ready storage systems

IBM FlashSystem™ family

Accelerate critical applications and unleash the power of performance with highly durable flash based storage. Reduce business interruptions and accelerate decision making across multiple applications, including online transactional processing and online analytical processing databases.


Benefit from fast performance across a wide range of analytical tasks. XIV provides a grid-based, massively parallel, and distributed architecture with tuning-free performance, high availability and unmatched management. XIV scales securely and flexibly via Hyper-Scale Consistency and impact-free encryption.

IBM Storwize family

Extract the value from your data with efficient, easy to manage midrange disk storage. The IBM Storwize family delivers up to 3 times improved performance with as little as 5 percent flash storage and its virtualisation technologies can help you limit storage growth by as much as 30 percent.

IBM System Storage DS8000®

Fast and reliable data access is the driving force behind each decision, interaction and business process. Integrated with z Systems, the sixth-generation DS8870 storage system can simply obtain valuable insights with extraordinary performance, reliability, security and agility.