Cisco MDS 9509 for IBM System Storage

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High performance and manageability for SANs

The Cisco MDS 9509 for IBM System Storage provides 1, 2, 4, 8 and 10 Gbps FC switch connectivity and intelligent network services to help improve the security, performance and manageability required to consolidate geographically dispersed storage devices into a large enterprise SAN.

Improved internal bandwidth for higher scalability

The Cisco MDS 9509 for IBM System Storage utilises two Supervisor-2 Modules to support high availability and performance. The Supervisor-2 Module combines an intelligent control module and a high-performance crossbar switch fabric in a single unit. It uses Fabric Shortest Path First (FSPF) multipath routing, which supports load balancing across a maximum of 16 equal-cost paths that dynamically reroute traffic if a switch fails.

Common features

Hardware summary

Feature Benefit
Supervisor-2 Module
FC switching module options
4 and 8 Gbps FC modules with auto-sensing ports
12-port 4 Gbps FC switching modules
24-port 4- and 8-Gbps FC switching modules
48-port 4 and 8 Gbps and 4/44 8 Gbps FC switching modules with port bandwidth reservation
10 Gbps FC switching modules
Enterprise Package with Inter-VSAN Routing (IVR)
Fabric Manager Server Package
Mainframe Package
IBM product numbers 2054-E07 – Cisco MDS 9509 for IBM System Storage includes dual Supervisor-2 cards, dual 3000W AC power supplies. All models include Cisco SAN-operating system 3.2 firmware with Cisco Fabric Manager, VSAN and PortChannel capabilities

8-port IP Services Module
SAN Extension over IP for 8-port IP Services Module
Storage Services Module
4-port 10 Gbps FC Switching Module (no optics)
12-port 4 Gbps FC Switching Module (no optics)
24-port 4 Gbps FC Switching Module (no optics)
24-port 8 Gbps FC Switching Module (no optics)
48-port 4 Gbps FC Switching Module (no optics)
48-port 8 Gbps FC Switching Module (no optics)
4/44-port 8 Gbps FC Switching Module (no optics)
Multiservice 18/4 Module (includes two 4 Gbps shortwave SFPs)
FC 10 Gbps longwave X2 transceivers
Tri-rate shortwave SFP transceivers (1 and 2 Gbps FC and GbE)
FC 2 Gbps SFP transceivers
Ethernet Copper GbE SFP Transceiver
FC 4 Gbps SFP transceivers, 4-pack
FC 8 Gbps SFP transceivers, single and 4-pack
Flash Memory Card
MDS 9500 Enterprise Package
MDS 9500 Fabric Manager Server Package
MDS 9500 Mainframe Package
MDS 9500 Storage Services Enabler Package
Fibre optic cables Multimode, 50u fibre optical cables with SC and/or LC connectors are available
Base warranty One year, around-the-clock, same day, on-site IBM warranty
Supported systems 3 IBM Power Systems servers, IBM System p and selected IBM RS/6000 servers; IBM System x and selected IBM Netfinity servers; other Intel® processor-based servers running the Linux®, Microsoft® Windows® NT® or Microsoft Windows 2000 operating systems; selected Sun and HP servers; IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS); IBM System Storage DS8000 Disk Systems; IBM System Storage DS6000 Disk Systems; IBM System Storage DS4000 Disk Systems; IBM TotalStorage 3590 and 3592 Tape Drives; IBM TotalStorage 3494 Virtual Tape Server; IBM TotalStorage 3532, 3583 and 3584 Tape Libraries; and other selected storage systems
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 62.3 cm H x 43.9 cm W x 46.8 cm D (24.5 in x 17.25 in x 18.4 in)
Rack height 14U
Depth including cable guide 55.0 cm (21.6 in)
Weight (fully configured chassis) 78 kg (170 lb)
Directors are rack-mountable in a standard 19-inch EIA rack, meeting Cisco requirements defined in the recommended installation procedures2. IBM TotalStorage SAN Cabinet Model C36 (2109-C36) meets these requirements.
Operating environment
Temperature 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
Relative humidity 10 to 90 percent
Input 100 to 240 V AC
50-60 Hz nominal
Output 1300 W at 110 to 120 V AC

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