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Get actionable insights faster.
Build a more efficient, adaptive infrastructure.

IBM Systems are cloud and data ready

Today's interconnected world is generating an explosion of data, which is increasingly more important to your business. IBM® Smarter Storage for Smarter Computing helps you become data and cloud ready. The IBM FlashSystem™ portfolio delivers faster insights and can save money, energy, and space compared to hybrid disk and flash implementations. The IBM Storwize® family virtualizes your entire storage infrastructure – essential for efficient and flexible cloud deployments.

Perfomance and efficiency without compromise

The IBM Storwize family

Flash: The tipping point

Ambuj Goyal discusses how IBM is leading the transformation of IT

Smarter Storage for data

Gain actionable insights faster

IBM FlashSystem portfolio

Get 2.5 times better response time than the lowest published competitive offering with IBM MicroLatency™

IBM Storwize V3700

See 50 percent higher maximum IOPS and 100 percent more maximum throughput. Improve application performance up to 3 times with IBM Easy Tier

IBM System Storage® DS8870

Accelerate performance up to 5 times with new IBM Easy Tier Server flash optimisation

Share access to files anytime, anywhere

IBM Storwize V7000 Unified

Improve performance and lower networking costs by automatically moving files close to users with IBM Active Cloud Engine™

  • Data ready infrastructure

    IBM Storwize family: An ideal storage solution for analytics

  • Rathbones capitalises with flash

    Wealth management provider accelerates processing 40 times and reduces power 87 percent

Smarter Storage for cloud

Lay the foundation for an efficient, virtualised, and scalable infrastructure

IBM Storwize family

Store up to 5 times more data in the same space with IBM Real-time Compression™ while also improving system performance with Easy Tier flash optimisation. Support your growing business by storing 33 percent more data using new 1.2TB and 4TB disk drives.


Move volumes between IBM XIV storage systems without application disruption using the new IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility function. Store 33 percent more data in the same space and lower per TB energy use by 25 percent with new 4TB disk drives.

Rapidly deploy all flash storage and improve cloud economics and performance

IBM FlashSystem family

Dramatically lower the cost per transaction while using 4 percent of the energy and 2 percent of the space compared to hybrid disk and flash implementations

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IBM offers a broad systems and storage portfolio combined with decades of experience solving real business problems. With x86, POWER and mainframe systems, disk, tape and network storage systems, IBM can offer the right combination of systems to meet the challenges of your business.


Storage efficiency is more vital than ever. Your disk utilisation rate may be as low as 20% — while the amount of data you are required to store is exploding. IBM Storage can help.


The smarter data centre with improved economics of IT can be achieved by connecting servers and storage with a high-speed and intelligent network fabric that is smarter, faster, greener, open and easy to manage. IBM takes an open, standards-based approach to implement the latest advances in today’s flat, converged data centre network designs.


IBM's comprehensive Systems Software solutions help to centralise, streamline and automate your physical and virtual infrastructure, allowing you to optimise workloads and increase your ability to deliver IT services that align with business goals. Let us show you how IBM Systems Software helps you realise the value of IBM smarter computing, by allowing a more effective use of the advanced features in IBM hardware and operating systems.

Integrated solutions

The reality is that you need an IT infrastructure designed for data, tuned to the task and managed in the cloud. If your IT staff spends all of their time managing IT, they won’t be working with you to drive innovation. You need your infrastructure to help you in the marketplace, to help you innovate, to help you be more competitive, to help you succeed.

Systems-related services

IBM Systems-related services offers a full range of services to help design, develop, integrate, optimise, validate and deploy comprehensive solutions that support On Demand Business.

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