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IBM Storwize V7000 and SAN Volume Controller (SVC)

Store up to five times as much data in the same physical disk space using integrated IBM Real-time Compression. Designed to be used with active primary data such as production databases and e-mail applications, Real-time Compression dramatically expands the range of data that can benefit from compression. When combined with external virtualisation, Real-time Compression can increase the usable capacity of existing storage assets by up to five times.

IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Centre

The newly designed web-based user interface incorporates simplified packaging, Cognos-based reporting and analytics, and storage tiering optimisation, offering greater visibility and optimisation capabilities and accelerating time to value.

IBM System Storage DS3500 Express

Increase efficiency and reduce backup time with 50 percent more snapshots and enhance storage management in virtualised environments with VMware VAAI support.

IBM System Storage DCS3700

Designed with high density for high performance computing requirements, the DCS3700 reduces backup time with 50 percent more snapshots and improves storage management in VMware environments with VAAI support.

IBM Real-time Compression Appliance

A new capacity planning tool provides quantifiable savings estimates to assist with budgeting and planning. Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) support and interoperability enhancements can ease integration into IT environments.

IBM System Storage DS8000® (US)

A new 400GB SSD option provides additional flexibility for performance-intensive applications. Self-encrypting drive options are now available for all drive tiers. Guard against data-at-rest security breaches—while enabling Easy Tier self-optimisation with fully encrypted systems.

IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS)

IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Centre can now manage SONAS for discovery and visualization, health status monitoring and capacity usage reporting. IBM Storwize V7000 and XIV customers can leverage SONAS as a gateway for their rapidly growing file data.

IBM System Storage ProtecTIER® TS7650, TS7650G, and the new TS7620 (US)

New TS7620 appliance model doubles capacity for midrange environments. TS7650G performance improved by up to 25 percent. CIFS support for TS7650, TS7650G and TS7620 offers broader connectivity in NAS backup environments.

IBM Linear Tape File System Storage Manager

New software provides storage life cycle management of multimedia files using IBM’s Linear Tape File System and reduces video archive costs while slashing video tape cartridge costs up to 98 percent.

IBM Tape System Library Manager

New software expands and simplifies the use of IBM TS3500 tape libraries by providing a consolidated view of multiple libraries capable of storing up to 2.7 Exabytes and by reducing tape pathing definitions and maintenance up to 50 percent.