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The demand to store and manage massive amounts of file data continues to challenge data centres. SONAS is designed to em/pace and deliver cloud storage in the petabyte(PB) age. SONAS can meet today’s storage challenges with quick and cost-effective IT-enabled business enhancements designed to grow with exceptional scale.

SONAS can also deliver storage services that make the supporting technology almost invisible. It allows applications and services to be uncoupled from the underlying infrastructure, enabling businesses to adjust to change quickly. As a result, SONAS can easily integrate with your organisation’s strategies to develop a more dynamic enterprise.

Organisations with fast-growing, rapidly multiplying file systems are beginning to discover that traditional network-attached storage (NAS) – even clustered NAS – has serious problems. Managing and supporting storage as it scales to millions or billions of active files is extremely complex. When such massive numbers of files require separate file systems connected with many separate servers, operational complexity grows exponentially. Consolidating tens, even hundreds, of these file servers into high-end scale-out NAS becomes a necessity. This is where SONAS helps. SONAS is designed to scale out to store millions to billions of active files in a single namespace. SONAS offers operational efficiency and administrative savings, combining massive scalability with automated file management to quickly deliver information around the world.

Ideal cloud storage: IBM Active Cloud Engine in SONAS

At the core of SONAS is unique IBM Active Cloud Engine, that gives users the ability to efficiently manage large numbers of files, rapidly locate the data of interest and seamlessly get that data to where it is needed between SONAS and IBM Storwize V7000 Unified systems. It is a policy-driven engine tightly coupled with a file system that enables you to manage file data with ease, efficiently and at scale. This SONAS capability, offered at no charge, enables ubiquitous file access from across the globe quickly and efficiently. It localises file data where it is needed and shares data at lower costs with Storwize V7000. Active Cloud Engine offers clients not only a high performance(HP) file-serving function, but also reduced network costs. It can cache files to remote sites in advance of file requests coming in. This provides for high availability(HA) and very fast access of those files at remote sites. It also eliminates unnecessary replication of files to remote sites, thereby significantly lowering network and storage costs.

SONAS is an ideal solution for cloud storage implementations as well. It is designed to consolidate files that are scattered in multiple storage locations and allow them to be efficiently shared and managed. Active Cloud Engine is a capability of SONAS (offered at no charge) that enables this and many more management abilities. Active Cloud Engine is a suite of capabilities specifically designed to manage files in an automated, scalable manner. It creates the appearance of a single system despite geographic, physical, media or other discrepancies that may exist in the physical world. It is designed to put the right file in the right place at the right time and to give users the fastest possible access with the same view of their data no matter where they are and whether they are using SONAS or Storwize V7000 systems. It enables ubiquitous access to files from across the globe quickly and cost effectively. Active Cloud Engine offers clients not only a HP file serving function, but also reduced network costs. It localises file data where it is needed. It can prepopulate files to remote sites in advance of that file request coming in, which allows for HA and very fast access of those files at remote sites. This capability allows for file sharing and content distribution while it shields applications from fluctuating performance. In addition, it eliminates unnecessary file replication to remote sites, thereby significantly lowering network and storage costs.

Feature Benefits
Massive scalability
Operational savings and TCO
Data protection
Cloud storage
Advanced features
Storage efficiency
Host interface CIFS, NFS, FTP, HTTPS
Management software SONAS software
Optional TSM client (requires license)
Optional Tivoli Productivity Centre 5.1 (requires license)
Supported drives SAS: 300 gigabytes(GB) (15k revolutions per minute(rpm))
Nearline SAS: 2 terabytes(TB) and 3 TB (7.2k rpm)
SSD: 200 GB and 400 GB SAS 2.5 in
RAID levels RAID 6
Maximum drives supported 7,200
Fans and power supplies Fully redundant, hot swappable
Rack support 42 Electronics Industries Alliance units
Dimensions Appliance:
Width: 644 mm (25.4 in.)
Depth: 1,329 mm (52.3 in.)
Height: 2,015 mm (79.3 in.)
Weight Fully populated model weight:
2851-RXA Fibre Channel(FC) 9003 794 kg (1,750 lb)
2851-RXA FC 9004 749 kg (1,650 lb)
2851-RXA FC 9005 1,044 kg (2,300 lb)
2851-RXB 1,343 kg (2,960 lb)
2851-RXC 817 kg (1,800 lb)
Environment Allowable: Recommended: Conforms to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Class 1
Non-operating (equipment powered off): Shipping:
Certifications For ISV solutions, please visit the ISV solutions resource library at:
Warranty One year 09:00 to 17:00 next business day, upgrade to around-the-clock four hours response

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