IBM System Storage N series with SyncMirror Software

Synchronous data replication supporting high data availability

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The challenge: Achieving high levels of data availability

Information is among your company's most valuable assets, and keeping it available is a mission-critical priority. To maintain its value, information must be kept up-to-date to provide decision makers the knowledge needed to run the business, increase operational efficiency, strengthen customer relationships, and exploit new market opportunities. Without access to current information, organisations can't act or adapt as quickly as demanded by today's economy, and are placed at a major competitive disadvantage.

The solution: Get up-to-date information with IBM System Storage N series systems with SyncMirror

IBM System Storage N series systems with SyncMirror® is designed to help you keep your data available and up-to-date. By maintaining two copies of data online, SyncMirror can help safeguard your data against all types of hardware outages, including multiple disk failures. When used with a high-availability solution such as IBM System Storage N series systems with Clustered Failover, SyncMirror supports even higher levels of data availability. IBM System Storage N series solution is designed to be easy to use and cost effective

High data availability with redundancy

SyncMirror can help you maintain a strict physical separation between two copies of your mirrored data. In the event of an outage-whether it's due to a disk problem, cable break, or host bus adapter (HBA) failure-SyncMirror is designed to allow users access to the mirrored data without operator intervention or disruption to applications. Often you can find and fix the source of the outage with no interruption to your operation, which can help avoid costly downtime.

Feature Benefits
Maintain two copies of your data online
Strict physical separation between copies of mirrored data
Ability to split the data copies with a simple command

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