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IBM System Storage N series with SnapMover technology

Improve storage resource utilisation with fast and simple data migration


The challenge: Migrating data quickly while maintaining availability

As your company grows, its storage requirements and policies change in response to new business initiatives and challenges. In addition, the storage demands of compute-intensive applications often grow over time. You may need to migrate data to scale your infrastructure to accommodate growing data sets and new clients, improve performance and response time for users, reduce the processing burden on an overloaded storage system, or meet a service-level agreement with users performing mission-critical work. The challenge is to migrate workload to provide for improved performance and resource utilisation, and to do it quickly, effectively, and economically. Most existing workload migration solutions, however, require IT to copy data from one location to another, which is a tedious and time-consuming process. In addition, users are not able to access data during the migration process, which causes user dissatisfaction and impacts productivity.

The solution: SnapMover technology for simple, fast data migration

SnapMover® technology is designed to be a fast and simple solution for migrating data among IBM System Storage N series systems while avoiding impact on data availability and disruption to users. Offering powerful and flexible data migration capabilities, SnapMover technology can enable IT teams to efficiently address evolving storage and performance requirements. By migrating data rapidly and transparently while avoiding downtime, SnapMover can help you improve your storage environment while avoiding impact on users or their productivity.

Reduced impact on your IT infrastructure

SnapMover technology supports the migration of data between IBM System Storage N series devices without the need to copy and store it on other devices. This new approach can help make migration fast and efficient, while avoiding impact on system overhead or networking bandwidth or requiring the need for additional storage resources. In addition, SnapMover technology can help reduce the IT burden typically required to provision data at a new destination system. By moving data rapidly and providing quick user access to it after migration, SnapMover can help reduce the impact of the migration on data availability.

Simple data migration to meet data management objectives

Whatever your reason for migrating data among IBM System Storage N series systems, SnapMover technology can help you simplify the process. SnapMover technology supports achieving enterprise data management objectives relative to lessening the time and resources required to migrate workload among N series systems. SnapMover technology also supports the rapid migration of data while helping to avoid disruption to users or interruption in data availability.

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Feature Benefits
Migrate data rapidly and transparently
Minimal IT staff intervention required
Efficient migration process

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