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IBM System Storage N series with MultiStore Software

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The challenge: Consolidating storage easily and securely

As network, Internet, and server facilities worldwide become increasingly consolidated, there is a growing concern about maintaining data security and privacy. Within enterprises and xSP facilities, many different users may share the same storage resources. Providing completely separate storage in a facility that houses the files and applications of thousands of different users is a formidable challenge. How can data security be maintained without providing physically separate storage for all?

The solution: IBM System Storage N series with MultiStore™-shared storage with enhanced privacy

IBM System Storage N series with MultiStore software is designed to let you quickly and easily create separate, private logical partitions in filer network and storage resources. Each virtual storage partition is designed to maintain separation from every other storage partition to prevent different enterprise departments that share the same storage resources from accessing or finding other partitions. MultiStore helps prevent information on any virtual partition from being viewed, used, or downloaded by unauthorised users.

Feature Benefits
Storage consolidation with secure storage partitioning
Win/UNIX storage consolidation without reconfiguration
Tiered storage resource management administration model

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