The IBM System Storage N series also provides a selection of features and functions designed to provide a comprehensive set of robust management and operational tools as well as high availability features, disaster recover and data copy services that help the system administration provide a high level of support for environments requiring IP attached storage solutions.

  • - N series software
    • - IBM System Storage N series Provisioning Manager

      IBM System Storage N series Provisioning Manager software provides operational efficiency by streamlining the provisioning process across enterprise-wide data sets. IT administrators can enter set provisioning policies, automate complex provisioning processes, check policy conformance and pool storage resources for higher utilisation. Provisioning Manager also allows server administrators the ability to provision storage within the confines set by the storage administrator.

    • - IBM System Storage N series Open System SnapVault

      IBM N series Open System SnapVault Software enables Windows, UNIX and Linux servers leverage N series Snapshot processes (block-level incremental backups) reduce the amount of backup data flowing over the WAN while maintaining data integrity and recoverability.

    • - IBM System Storage N series Protection Manager

      Protection Manager is designed as an intuitive backup and replication management software application for IBM N series unified storage disk-based data protection environments. The application is intended to support data protection and help increase productivity with automated setup and policy-based management.

      Protection Manager is intended to help equip data centre professionals with an innovative software solution to manage the enterprise’s disk-based data protection environment. The application is designed to allow administrators to apply consistent data protection policies across the enterprise, automate complex data protection processes, and pool backup and replication resources to help improve utilisation.

    • - IBM System Storage™ N series with Operations Manager( formerly DataFabric Manager)

      IBM System Storage™ N series with Operations Manager offers comprehensive monitoring and management for N series enterprise storage and content delivery environments. Operations Manager is designed to provide centralised alerts, reports, and configuration tools to help keep your storage and content delivery infrastructure in-line with your business requirements for high availability and low total cost of ownership.

    • - FlexCache

      IBM N series FlexCache software is designed to address some of the most difficult data access and data management problems. If storage infrastructure suffers from frequent read bottlenecks, if there is the need to efficiently support remote access, or if there is a need for tiered storage that can automatically adjust to changing usage patterns, then FlexCache software is an ideal solution.

    • - IBM System Storage N series SnapManager For Hyper-V Software

      SnapManager for Hyper-V provides an easy to use, quick and simple method to backup and restore virtual machines. SnapManager for Microsoft Hyper-V can help you to maximise your Microsoft virtual environment with elevated storage flexibility and innovative data protection solutions at a very low storage cost. This revolutionary management tool offers a comprehensive interface intended to provide an automated solution for managing backup, recovery and replication of virtual machines in a virtualised environment.

    • - IBM System Storage N series with Single Mailbox Recovery with SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange

      The powerful combination of IBM System Storage N series, SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange and Single Mailbox Recovery functionality supports the fast, accurate, cost-effective backup and recovery of Microsoft Exchange data. N series software is designed to take near-instantaneous online backups of Exchange databases, verify that the backups are consistent, and rapidly recover Exchange at almost any level of granularity-storage group, database, folder, single mailbox, or single message.

    • - IBM System Storage N series SnapManager for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Software

      IBM System Storage N series with SnapManager for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is designed to decrease the time spent on routine backup/recovery.

    • - IBM System Storage N series with SnapManager for Oracle

      IBM System Storage N series with SnapManager for Oracle is a comprehensive data management solution designed to help you streamline storage management while simplifying configuration, backup, and restore operations for Oracle databases.

    • - IBM System Storage N series with SnapManager for SAP

      IBM System Storage N series SnapManager for SAP software’s integration and certification with SAP BRTools makes the full benefits of innovative N series technologies available for SAP data management. SnapManager is designed to automate complex and time-consuming tasks such as backup, recovery, and cloning—helping free IT personnel to focus more effort on value-added tasks. Administrators no longer have to worry about the underlying SAP data layout when performing routine data management tasks, because SnapManager for SAP is designed to understand and address the underlying complexity

    • - SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure

      IBM System Storage N series SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure is a comprehensive data management solution intended to streamline storage management in a VMware® ESX environment. It can also help simplify backup, restore and disaster recovery operations for virtual machines.

  • - Data management software
    • - Clustered Failover

      IBM System Storage N series with Clustered Failover is designed to deliver a robust and highly available data service for business-critical environments. Installed on a pair of N series filers, Clustered Failover can help improve data availability by transferring the data service of an unavailable filer to the other filer in the cluster. Often, the transfer of data service occurs without impacting end users and applications, and the data service can be quickly resumed with no detectable interruption to business operation.

    • - FlexShare

      IBM System Storage N series with FlexShare is a control-of-service tool designed to help reduce costs and simplify storage management. It allows storage administrators to host and prioritise different applications on a single storage system while avoiding impact to critical applications.

    • - FlexVol™ & FlexClone™

      IBM System Storage N series systems with FlexClone and FlexVol technologies can help deliver storage virtualisation solutions—solutions that support the sharing and pooling of enterprise data. Using FlexVol technology, system administrators can dynamically assign storage space to a user from the available pool of storage resources based on that user's space requirements. This flexibility can help your organisation simplify operations, improve utilisation and efficiency, and make changes quickly and seamlessly. FlexClone technology generates nearly instantaneous replicas of data sets and storage volumes that require no additional storage space. Each cloned volume is a transparent virtual copy that can be used for enterprise operations.

    • - MetroCluster

      IBM System Storage N series with MetroCluster is an integrated, high-availability and business continuance solution that is designed to expand the capabilities of the comprehensive IBM System Storage N series portfolio of high-availability and disaster recovery solutions. A simple-to-administer solution, MetroCluster is designed to extend failover capability from within a data centre to a site located many miles away. It also helps support replication of data from a primary to a remote site to maintain data currency.

    • - NearStore®

      The IBM System Storage N series configured with SATA disk drives or an N series Gateway is designed to provide terabytes of near-primary storage performance at near-tape storage costs. Near-line storage can help organisations complement and improve existing tape backup, archiving and data protection schemes by inserting economical and simple-to-use disk-based storage or leverage SAN disk storage between application storage and tape libraries in a three-tier storage architecture.

    • - SnapLock™

      The SnapLock function is designed to deliver high performance and high security data function to disk-based nearline and primary IBM System Storage N series storage. An integrated element of the Data ONTAP operating system, the SnapLock function can help manage the permanence, accuracy, integrity, and security of data by storing business records in an inalterable form and allowing for their rapid online accessibility for long periods of time

    • - SnapMirror®

      IBM System Storage N series systems with SnapMirror technology can help deliver the disaster recovery and data distribution solutions that today's global enterprises need. By replicating data at high speeds over a LAN or a WAN, SnapMirror technology can support high data availability and quick recovery for mission-critical applications. SnapMirror technology can mirror data to one or more network filers and constantly update the mirrored data to keep it current and available.

    • - SnapDrive™

      IBM System Storage N series with SnapDrive software can help reduce the cost and complexity of managing storage for your company by supporting the flexible and efficient utilisation of storage resources. SnapDrive software offers a rich set of capabilities designed to virtualise and enhance storage management for Microsoft Windows and UNIX environments.

    • - SnapVault®

      IBM System Storage N series with SnapVault capabilities can help you efficiently backup and restore critical data by supporting the frequent backup of data stored on IBM System Storage N series systems. SnapVault technology is designed to provide a centralised, disk-based backup solution for IBM N series systems. Storing backup data in multiple Snapshot copies on a SnapVault secondary storage system can let enterprises keep multiple backups online over a period of time for faster restoration.

    • - SyncMirror®

      IBM System Storage N series systems with SyncMirror is designed to keep data available and up-to-date by maintaining two copies of data online. When used with a high-availability solution, such as an IBM System Storage N series system with Clustered Failover, SyncMirror can help you support even higher levels of data availability.

  • - Storage management and application integration software
    • - SecureAdmin™

      SecureAdmin is designed to enable authenticated, command-based administrative sessions between an administrative user and Data ONTAP over an intranet or the Internet. SecureAdmin supports authentication of both the administrative user and the filer, creating a secured, direct communication link to the filer. It helps protect administrative logins, passwords, and session commands from “cleartext” snooping by replacing rsh and telnet with the strongly encrypted SSH 1.0 protocol.

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