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IBM System Storage N series with Clustered Failover high-availability solution

Improve data availability in business-critical environments

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The challenge: delivering highly available data service

In today's competitive environment, data is the key asset of many businesses, and supporting high data availability and accessibility is essential. Loss of data service could lead to lost productivity, revenue, and even customer loyalty. Organisations with a data availability strategy that relies on a single hardware device risk losing data access if that device goes offline.

The solution: IBM System Storage N series with Clustered Failover

IBM System Storage N series with Clustered Failover is designed to provide a robust and highly available data service for business-critical environments. Installed on a pair of N series filers, Clustered Failover can help improve data availability by transferring the data service of an unavailable filer to the other filer in the cluster. Often, the transfer of data service is without impact to end users and applications. It is designed to allow the data service to quickly resume while avoiding detectable interruption to business operation.
IBM System Storage N series with Clustered Failover can benefit any enterprise, workgroup, or e-commerce application that has stringent uptime requirements. Clustered Failover administration tasks are simple, intuitive, and easy to use, helping to minimise management overhead and reduce operator error. Collectively, they can help further enhance the total availability of the overall environment.

Feature Benefits
Automatic failover
Automatic giveback
Manual failover
Works with application clustering solutions

At a glance

Supported platforms:

Supported network interface cards:

Storage capacity:

Supported disks:

IBM System Storage N3700

Gigabit Ethernet, Quad 10/100 Ethernet, 10/100/1000 Ethernet (single and dual-port), ATM (OC-3, OC-12)

N3700 cluster 8TB

72GB 10K and 15K, 144GB 10K and 15K, and 300GB 10K Fibre Channel disk drives

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