IBM Real-time Compression

Optimize storage capacity with IBM Real-time Compression technology

IBM Real-time Compression™ takes storage efficiency to a new level

Available for both block and file-based storage arrays, this state of the art storage efficiency technology is designed to improve efficiency by compressing data as much as 80 percent, enabling you to store up to five times as much data in the same physical disk space – with no performance degradation.

Unlike other approaches to compression, IBM Real-time Compression is designed to be used with active primary data such as production databases and e-mail applications. IBM Real-time Compression reduces acquisition costs, power and cooling costs and rack space throughout the life of the system.

Enterprise-class function in a midrange package

IBM Storwize V7000, including Real-time Compression

Comparison of compression technologies

See how IBM stands up to EMC and NetApp

Must-have IT storage optimization technology

Storwize V7000 with Real-time Compression

Guaranteed storage savings of at least 50 percent

If you can't store 50 percent more data, IBM will make up the difference!

Integrated solutions

Appliances for NAS

  • IBM Real-time Compression Appliance STN7800 can be customized with multiple 10 Gb and 1 Gb Ethernet ports to support high throughput NAS requirements. This new appliance handles larger, more complex NAS environments.

IBM Real-time Compression benefits

Allianz reduces costs

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The benefits of the IBM Real-time Compression Appliance™

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  • Smarter Storage is cloud ready

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IBM Real-time Compression Appliance calculator

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Comprestimator Utility

Estimate the expected compression rate for block devices

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IBM Real-time Compression, Storwize V7000 and SVC demo

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IBM's Ed Walsh talks about IBM's Real-time Compression

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