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See who’s using IBM FlashSystem to process up to 45 times faster1

All round the world, IT departments are being asked to do more with less. The smart ones now realise there is extra processing speed hidden in their existing storage. Some of the world’s leading companies like Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, are replacing disk storage with IBM FlashSystem™ and revitalising their access to business-critical data.

See how companies like Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated are now up to speed

Extreme performance | Macro efficiency | MicroLatency | Enterprise reliability

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IBM offers a broad systems and storage portfolio combined with decades of experience solving real business problems. With x86, POWER and mainframe systems, disk, tape and network storage systems, IBM can offer the right combination of systems to meet the challenges of your business.


Storage efficiency is more vital than ever. Your disk utilisation rate may be as low as 20% — while the amount of data you are required to store is exploding. IBM Storage can help.


The smarter data centre with improved economics of IT can be achieved by connecting servers and storage with a high-speed and intelligent network fabric that is smarter, faster, greener, open and easy to manage. IBM takes an open, standards-based approach to implement the latest advances in today’s flat, converged data centre network designs.


IBM's comprehensive Systems Software solutions help to centralise, streamline and automate your physical and virtual infrastructure, allowing you to optimise workloads and increase your ability to deliver IT services that align with business goals. Let us show you how IBM Systems Software helps you realise the value of IBM smarter computing, by allowing a more effective use of the advanced features in IBM hardware and operating systems.

Integrated solutions

The reality is that you need an IT infrastructure designed for data, tuned to the task and managed in the cloud. If your IT staff spends all of their time managing IT, they won’t be working with you to drive innovation. You need your infrastructure to help you in the marketplace, to help you innovate, to help you be more competitive, to help you succeed.

Systems-related services

IBM Systems-related services offers a full range of services to help design, develop, integrate, optimise, validate and deploy comprehensive solutions that support On Demand Business.

Make sure you're up to speed. Read how organisations like Coca-Cola Cottling Company Consolidated are now up to speed at Extreme Performance. "80% cut in IO wait time for the highest waiting event." Source: IT Mgr, leader in power technologies. Faster batch processes. 3X increase. Source: Global leader in Lifesciences. General performance gains from the end user point of view were 50%. 50% increase. Source: Global leader in Lifesciences. CCBCC cut data processing time by 75% without replacing a single server. Source: Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated case study. Make your business response 10X faster. Source: IT Mgr. Sprint case study. A leader in pediatric researching saw up to 70% reduction in ETL by switching to IBM FlashSystem. Source: Leader in pediatric resourch. "You could crush scheduled and non-scheduled I/O request." Latency under 100 Microseconds. Source: IT Mgr, SciQuest. "Speed up data processing by eliminating bottlenecks." Source: IT Mgr, SciQuest. Wealthmanager, Rathbone Brothers Plc., multiplied its processing power. 40X. Source: Rathbone Brothers Plc. case study. A top price comparison retail site scales to suit transaction volumes. Source: Price comparison retail site. Macro Efficiency. "The tipping point is there." Source: David Hill, Mesabi Group. 1PB = 315 racks. The performance of 1 rack of IBM FlashSystem equals 315 racks of 15K disk. Source "Save money, be distruptive safely". Source: Jonathon Yarmis, Yarmis Group. A top price comparison retail site saved $184K in three ways. $75K in floor space. $18K in power. $91K in cooling. Source: Price comparison retail site. Reduce by 730 tons. A top price comparison retail site significantly cut greenhouse gases. Source: Price comparison retail site. SSB cut total cost of operation of storage by 50%. Source: Stuttgarter Srabenbahnen AG (SSB) case study. No rearchiteture or apllication rewritting required. Source: IBM. "IBM FlashSystem will favorably change data centre economics." Source: Alan Radding, Dancing Dinosaur. IBM MicroLatency&trend. "Faster access to data through IBM FlashSystem is a key contributor." Source: IT Mgr, Sprint case study. "For customer satisfaction, latency went from 7 milliseconds to 700 microseconds." source: IT Mgr, Sprint case study. "Make your bisiness response 45X faster." Source: IT Mgr, Sprint case study. A leader in power technologies saw a dramatic improvement in IO wait time. Source: Leader in power technologies. "Imagine dividing elapsed time for SQL request on Oracle by a factor of 20." Source: IT Mgr, Leading IT services and consulting co. Thomson Reuters' performance wins both ways. Source: Thomson Reuters Flsh Ahead Initiative. Overnight processing is now done in 10-12 minutes. Source: Rathbone Brothers Plc. case study. "IBM Flashsystem meets the demand for real-time performance measurement." Source: Head of IT, Rathbone Brothers Plc. case study. Enterprise Reability. "The line between storage and memory with blur." Source: Jonathon Yarmis, Yarmis Group. "IBM FlashSystem ticks all the boxes for us." Source: Technical Analyst, Rathbone Brothers Plc. case stydy. "IBM has been a champion of flash since early in the game." Source: Jim Handy, Objective Analysis. IBM FlashSystem delivers four core advantages. Extreme performance. Macro efficiency. MicroLatency&trend. Enterprise reability. Source: Sprint case study. IBM Ready how organisations like Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated are now up to speed at Make sure you´re up to speedExtreme performanceMacro efficiencyMicroLatencyEnterprise reliability