IBM Flash storage family

Ultra-fast solutions reduce costs and improve data centre economics

Flash for less than the cost of Disk - Approximately 20% of fast moving operational data requires IO/Performance optimised: Flash technology has reached the “Tipping Point” and is now crossing the chasm to be the standard for performance optimised workloads

Top 9 FlashSystem Takeaways

1: Premier

IBM FlashSystem V9000 is IBM’s premier tier one all-flash storage system

2: Fully integrated

FlashSystem V9000 is a fully integrated system designed from the chip to the interface to replace disk-based tier one storage arrays

3: Number one

FlashSystem is number one in the marketplace1 with over 4,000 systems sold in less than two years and more capacity shipped than our next two competitors combined2

4: Guarantee

FlashSystem V9000 is backed by the IBM FlashSystem tier one guarantee

5: Higher performance

IBM FlashCore™ technology drives higher performance, reliability and efficiency, from IBM MicroLatency™ modules instead of commodity SSDs

6: 50x better

FlashSystem 900 delivers up to 50x better performance than enterprise disk systems

7: Scale-up and scale-out

FlashSystem V9000 offers Scale-up and scale-out capabilities in a single integrated solution with over 2PBs of effective capacity

8: Flexible and easy

The FlashSystem family is flexible and easy to deploy across the IT ecosystem

9: Big data and analytics

FlashSystem integrates with IBM Software-Defined Storage enabling cloud architectures that power Big data and analytics