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Analyst papers

IDC: IBM and Micron’s One-Two Punch Around the New IBM FlashSystem Launch

ESG: Comparing IBM FlashSystem to Traditional Performance Disk Systems

ESG: IBM Spectrum Scale with IBM FlashSystem, Enabling Private Clouds and Analytics

Silverton Consulting explores the benefits of storage virtualisation and IBM FlashSystem V840


CPFL Energia — Reducing risk and boosting customer service with accelerated billing runs

Interconnect providing customers with infrastructure services that never fail

IP-Only: Leading Service Provider gets 100x Faster Analytics with IBM FlashSystem

IP-Only: Packing three times as many VMs into the same infrastructure thanks to IBM FlashSystem

IBM storage achieves record-breaking results on FIS benchmark

Hagga Hospital improves patient care with IBM FlashSystem

Demos and tools

Workload Estimator Tool

Energy Estimator Tool

ESG V9000 TCO Calculator

TCONow Calculator

Executive overview

InfoWorld: Enterprise Storage at the Speed of Flash

InfoWorld: FlashSystem 900: Value at the Core

InfoWorld: IBM FlashSystem Storage: Lightning from the Cloud

InfoWorld — IBM and Brocade: The Right Foundation for IP Storage

InfoWorld: VDI Breakthrough: Better than PC Performance at a Lower Than PC Price

InfoWorld: Thinking Beyond Sticker Price: Best Practices for Evaluating Flash and Disk Storage Economics

InfoWorld: Building Comprehensive Cloud and Enterprise Solutions with IBM Storage Technologies

InfoWorld: VersaStack + IBM FlashSystem = Unparalleled Value

InfoWorld: Taking The Mystery Out of Flash Storage with IBM Flash Centres of Competency

InfoWorld: Flash storage: A prescription for healthcare success

FAQ and data sheets

IBM FlashSystem V9000 Data Sheet

IBM FlashSystem V9000 FAQ

IBM FlashSystem 900 Data Sheet

IBM FlashSystem 900 FAQ

Industry spotlight

IBM FlashSystem storage speeds financial services

Accelerating e-commerce with IBM FlashSystem

Edison Group: IBM FlashSystem® Industry Spotlight: Healthcare


Top 9 Takeaways of IBM FlashSystem V9000 and IBM FlashSystem 900

IBM FlashSystem: It's about time

IBM FlashSystem V9000: Scalable, Agile, and Endures Economics

IBM FlashSystem: Powering Big Data Analytics

Enhance System Performance with IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM FlashSystem


IBM FlashSystem V9000 Product Guide

Introducing and implementing IBM FlashSystem V9000

Implementing IBM FlashSystem 900

IBM FlashSystem 900 Product Guide

Solution briefs

Flash Array Deployment for Dummies

Epic and IBM POWER8: High scalability for healthcare workloads

Edison Group: Powering the Future of IT

Edison Group: A Key Value of the Future: Trillion Operations Technology

Edison Group: Accelerate the Advantages of VMware Virtual Volumes with IBM FlashSystem and Storwize Family


Andy Walls on IBM FlashCore™

Andy Walls on IBM FlashSystem V9000

IBM FlashSystem 900:All-flash enterprise storage that lifts your business to new heights

IBM FlashSystem V9000 combines all-flash enterprise storage with industry-leading performance

IBM FlashCore Technology keeps you ahead of the storage

Elastic Flash: Enhancing software defined storage with IBM FlashSystem

White papers

IBM FlashSystem with IBM Variable Stripe RAID delivers two dimensions of data protection

IBM FlashSystem accelerates DB2 workloads

IBM storage and Actifio copy data virtualisation

IBM FlashSystem and Oracle ASM: High Performance Made Easy

IBM and CSC: Accelerating the insurance industry together

To Achieve True Data Agility, Consider a Move to All-Flash Arrays

IBM FlashSystem All-flash Storage and Oracle Database 12C

Oracle AWR report in-depth analysis: Determine if your database can benefit from IBM FlashSystem