What is Flash Storage?

Flash storage is a storage method based on flash memory. Flash memory reduces energy consumption, requires less space than physical hard drives and provides superior performance.

IBM Flash storage solutions provide the micro-latency, scalable performance and operational efficiency needed to unlock insights from massive volumes of data. Now you can do more with less to outsmart—not outspend—your competitors.

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IBM Flash storage family

Ultra-fast solutions reduce costs and improve data centre economics

IBM FlashSystem A9000

Dynamic performance for data intensive workloads

IBM FlashSystem A9000R

Dynamic performance for data at scale

IBM FlashSystem V9000

Versatile performance for mixed workloads

IBM FlashSystem 900

Extreme performance for critical application acceleration

Powering the future of business with IBM FlashSystem

Discover why new IT solutions demand the extreme performance of FlashSystem Storage.

Customer success stories

FlashSystem in action for real-world results

Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

Boosts efficiency with tenfold faster information integration and 554-hour saving on daily wait times.

Plenty of Fish

Relies on the speed of FlashSystem to make happily ever after a reality for their users.

Grupo Hefame

Manages hundreds of thousands of orders every day to deliver on time to a growing customer base.

What’s new with Flash Storage?

The time is now: IBM FlashSystem

Time for change.

Data protection in two dimensions

IBM FlashSystem with IBM Variable Stripe RAID delivers two dimensions of data protection.

Peeking at the future with Giant Monster Virtual Machines

Project Capstone: A performance study of running many large virtual machines in parallel.

IBM Flash Centres of Competency

Get a customised assessment of how IBM Flash can optimise your business at any of the IBM locations around the world.