IBM Flash Storage is built to power the future of IT

IBM Flash Storage is engineered to meet modern high-performance storage requirements: ultra-low latency, cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency, and mission-critical reliability.

See how IBM Flash Storage can benefit your data centre.


Data is the life blood of business

Companies will need to modernise their IT infrastructure in order to lay a solid foundation for their success today and in the future. By delivering much more valuable results with consistent, predictable low-latency performance while dramatically reducing costs and complexity, All Flash storage solutions enable businesses to conquer their top IT challenges and become leaders in their industry.

Get Performance and Affordability

Flash storage systems can introduce business value that offsets top-line costs.

Gain unrivaled Scalability and Speed

All Flash storage can accommodate data growth without incurring performance loss.

Stay Compliant and Secure your data

The new GDPR will impact the way you do business, but IBM Flash storage helps you get prepared.

Flash for Your Role


Making the move to IBM All-Flash Arrays enables true data agility - the automated, policy-driven reallocation of data to and from the proper storage medium, without a lot of human intervention or time-consuming, expensive steps.

With data agility, you can achieve greater storage efficiencies, and lower both Capex and Opex to gain greater value from your data.

VP of IT Infrastructure & Data Operations

Data storage plays a crucial role in the performance, reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of your IT infrastructure.

The value of IBM Flash Storage skyrockets as your IT infrastructure becomes increasingly essential to basic business operations by significantly improving online customer experiences, decision-making, fraud protection and data security, and more.

Data Center Director

Select IBM Flash Storage can extend its virtualisation functionality to all existing storage. You can non-disruptively move virtualised storage volumes between external and internal storage capacity.

This enables very agile integration into existing storage environments, with seamless data migration between IBM Flash Storage and legacy storage systems.

Discover how you can leverage IBM All-Flash Storage arrays to increase data security and improve data economics.

Application Owner

IBM Flash Storage Solutions significantly accelerate application performance and reduce storage response time, allowing your users to instantly access massive volumes of business-critical data.

These offerings also accelerate applications' ability to ingest and query massive amounts of data, resulting in greatly reduced response times for threat detection, identification, and remediation.

See why SparkCognition endorses IBM All-Flash Storage Arrays along with IBM POWER8 servers as an ideal platform for cognitive computing and their SparkSecure application.


IBM Flash technology includes IBM Real-Time Compression, which reduces the amount of space needed to store the same amount of data by up to five times, enabling 10 terabytes of storage to do the work of 50. Operational expenses like power and maintenance are also significantly reduced.

Discover why we have reached the tipping point, where flash storage systems are now cheaper than high-performance disk systems.

IBM Flash Storage Family

Get the extreme performance you need to win now and in the future

Outsmart the competition - don't outspend them

IBM virtualised storage solutions help take the cost and complexity out of your IT infrastructure. These products deliver block storage virtualisation with enterprise data services for heterogeneous environments.

IBM FlashSystem V9000

Virtualised all-flash storage with scalable performance, enduring economics, and agile integration

IBM Storwize V5030F

A highly flexible, virtualised, all-flash storage system designed to enable mid-sized organisations to overcome storage challenges with advanced functions, high performance, efficiency, and scalability

IBM Storwize V7000F

A virtualised, software-defined, all-flash storage system designed to consolidate workloads for simplicity of management, cost reduction, scalability, and performance

Make the most of your cloud

Power consistent performance, and consolidate workloads and systems into one all-flash solution. These block storage products are purpose-engineered for public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions.

IBM FlashSystem A9000

Flexible, scalable, performance-oriented all-flash storage with parallel architecture and data reduction

IBM FlashSystem A9000R

Reliable, efficient, performance-oriented all-flash rack storage for dynamic data at scale

Make better decisions, faster

Accelerate the value you gain from huge data sets - whether it's mobile, social, or unstructured - and speed time to insight. Get highly scalable storage for growing oceans of file and object data.

IBM DeepFlash 150

A cost-effective all-flash storage solution offering high performance for big data workloads

IBM DeepFlash ESS

Exabyte-scale, software-defined flash storage with complete file and object capabilities for big data workloads

Put your data to work for your business

Make your data work harder than ever before. These products will deliver the highest availability, business-critical storage for mainframe and open systems.

IBM DS8880

Business critical hybrid-flash data systems accelerate application performance, avoid data loss, and reduce your operating costs


All-flash, highly scalable data systems support your most demanding environments with microsecond application response times and uncompromised availability

Acceleration of performance-sensitive workloads

Gain faster insights with extreme performance, enterprise reliability, and operational efficiency. With microsecond latency, you'll be able to analyse trends and innovate faster, while using less power and taking up less floor space.

IBM FlashSystem 900

All-flash application accelerating storage for extreme performance, enterprise reliability, and operational efficiency

Integrate to innovate

Optimise data centre efficiency by integrating distributed, siloed systems into a single solution. Now your team has more time to spend on projects that drive innovation and deliver business value to your company.


Converged infrastructure solution, jointly developed by IBM and Cisco that delivers extraordinary performance, flexibility and TCO

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Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital

FlashSystem V9000 groundbreaking performance speeds access to electronic health records, optimising the use of physician's time to enrich patient care.

Gala Leisure

With IBM Flash Storage solutions up and running in less than a day, Gala Leisure cut costs in half, gained a 57% boost in application performance, and achieved a significant competitive advantage.

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Selecting the Right Flash for the Right Workload

Learn about the five best workloads for flash storage, their unique requirements, and the optimal all-flash array for each one.

IBM Flash Centers of Competency

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