IBM System Storage DS6800


Flexible, high-performance storage for medium and large enterprises

The IBM System Storage DS6000 series is an innovative storage system designed to provide high availability and high performance in a small, space-saving, power-efficient modular package. This series, along with the DS8000 series, offers an enterprise-class continuum of storage systems with shared replication services and common management interfaces. The DS6000 series is well suited to help you simplify your storage infrastructure and help you manage growth and complexity through consolidation of storage onto this platform.

As part of the IBM System Storage DS Family, the DS6800 is designed to provide medium and large businesses with a low-cost, enterprise-class storage solution to help simplify data management and to provide comprehensive data protection and recovery capabilities and easy scalability for both mainframe and open system storage needs.

Common features

Hardware summary

Feature Benefits
1600 MBps Performance and 330,000 input/output per second (IOps)
Multi-pathing software
Compact 3U size
Eight drive connections
Support for both FC and FATA drives
Compatibility with a wide range of IBM and non-IBM systems
IBM FlashCopy functions
Compatible with IBM DS8000 series and Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) storage systems
DS6000 Storage Manager software
Call home capabilities
One year around-the-clock same-day-response warranty

Voluntary manufacturer service Three years service from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on the following working day at no additional cost, on-site service for certain components, customer replaceable units (CRUs) for all other units (depending on country) The conditions relating to this voluntary manufacturer service will be provided upon delivery and can also be found under /servers/support/machine_warranties. The warranty issued in accordance with the General IBM Terms & Conditions remains unaffected. Specifically, the legally regulated warranty period of 12 months referred to in the General IBM Terms & Conditions remains unaffected ‘Supplementary maintenance services’ are available in addition to the voluntary manufacturer service
Characteristics DS6800
Model 1750-522
RAID controller Dual active
Processor IBM Power PC 750GX 1 GHz
Cache 2 GB cache per controller
4 GB cache per system
Battery backup for cache 72 hours
Host ports Eight
Host interface FC / FICON
Storage portsHost interface 82 Gbps FC/Ficon2Gbps Fibre Channel/FICON
Maximum disk drives supported 128 (with expansion enclosures)
16 disk drives per enclosure, including controller
Disk drive sizes 73 GB (15K revolutions per minute (rpm))
146 GB (15K rpm)
300 GB (15K rpm)
500 GB FATA (7.2K rpm)
Maximum physical storage capacity 38.4 TB (using all FC disk drives)
64 TB (using all FATA disk drives)
RAID levels 5, 10
Power supplies and fans 2 per enclosure
Rack support 19" rack mountable
Form factor 3U (5-1/4" high)
Point-in-time copy FlashCopy – optional software
Mirroring IBM Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, Global Copy – optional software Interoperable with DS8000 series, ESS 800 and 750
Software for System z Parallel Access Volumes – optional software
Management software IBM DS6000 Storage Manager – no charge, included with system
Multi-path software Subsystem Device Driver – no charge download
Warranty One year, around-the-year, same day response, parts and labour – includes both hardware and software
Optional service and maintenance upgrades are available

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