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The era of big data is here, driven by the need for more data and faster data access. Low-latency performance in applications such as real-time business analytics, life sciences research, rich-media entertainment, weather forecasting, social media feeds and stock market transactions require high-performance storage architectures. In addition, today’s organisations need ways to improve operational efficiency while maintaining the same data centre (DC) footprint, quality of service (QoS) and high availability (HA).

The IBM System Storage DCS3700 storage system is ready to meet the challenge. Designed for applications with high performance streaming data requirements, DCS3700 offers optimal space utilisation, low power consumption and high performance. By combining proven IBM storage controllers with up to 60 drives in just 4U of rack space, DCS3700 can reduce operational costs for capacity-intensive applications.

DCS3700 provides a simple, efficient and flexible approach to storage that is based on seven generations of design knowledge and firmware development. DCS3700 can act as a cost-effective, fully integrated complement to IBM System x, IBM BladeCenter and IBM Power Systems servers for a wide variety of intensive computing environments.

Feature Benefits
Up to 60 SAS drives in a 4U enclosure
Redundant, hot-swappable components
6 Gbps SAS host interface (standard on base DCS3700 system and optional on DCS3700 with Performance Modules system)
8 Gbps Fibre Channel host interface (standard on DCS3700 with Performance Modules system and optional on base DCS3700 system)
10 Gbps iSCSI host interface
Backup and replication capabilities
Data protection
Storage partitions
Drive intermix support
Intuitive IBM System Storage DS Storage Manager
Thin provisioning with DDP
Energy-saving features
Models DCS3700 storage system
DCS3700 with Performance Modules storage system
DCS3700 expansion unit
RAID controller Dual-active, intelligent controllers
Cache per controller Base DCS3700 storage system:
4 GB cache (2 GB per controller) with field or plant upgrades to 8 GB (4 GB per controller)
DCS3700 with Performance Modules storage system:
12 GB, 24 GB or 48 GB (6 GB, 12 GB or 24 GB per controller)
Host interface Base DCS3700 storage system: DCS3700 with Performance Modules storage system:
Drive interface Two 6 Gbps SAS drive ports
Supported drives 6 Gbps SAS 3.5-inch drives: 6 Gbps SAS 2.5-inch drives: SAS 2.5-inch SSDs:
Data protection levels RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10 or DPP
Software features Base DCS3700 storage system: Thin provisioning with DDP, 128 storage partitions, 32 Enhanced FlashCopy images, host-attachment support for Microsoft Windows® and Linux® on x86/IBM POWER, IBM AIX, Mac OS and Solaris

DCS3700 with Performance Modules: Thin provisioning with DDP, 512 storage partitions, 32 Enhanced FlashCopy images, host-attachment support for Windows and Linux on x86/POWER, AIX, Mac OS and Solaris
Maximum drives supported Base DCS3700 storage system: Up to 180 drives per system with the attachment of two DCS3700 expansion units (60 drives per enclosure), 20 drives minimum drive quantity per enclosure*

DCS3700 with Performance Modules: Up to 360 drives per system with the attachment of five DCS3700 expansion units (60 drives per enclosure), 20 drives minimum drive quantity per enclosure*
Fans and power supplies Two each per enclosure
Rack support Slim 4U, 19-inch rack mount enclosure
Management software System Storage DS Storage Manager
Warranty One-year warranty. On-site service 24x7, 6-hour average and same-day response
Size Fits in a standard 1,000 mm cabinet
Environment Operating temperature range: 10°C – 35°C (50°F – 95°F)
Heat output Storage system: 3,057 BTU/hr.
Expansion unit: 2,736 BTU/hr.
Supported systems System x, BladeCenter and Power Systems servers

OS supported: Mac OS, Solaris (W-SAS Single Drive), Linux, AIX, Microsoft Windows

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