IBM Spectrum MPI

Accelerating high-performance application parallelisation


Message Passing Interface (MPI) is essential to accelerate compute-intensive applications, especially in scientific research or computational science. A suboptimised environment can hinder your competitiveness and slow your time to results.

IBM Spectrum MPI is a high-performance, production-quality implementation of MPI designed to accelerate application performance in distributed computing environments. Based on the open-source Open MPI, IBM Spectrum MPI provides a familiar interface that is easily portable. IBM Spectrum MPI, however, incorporates advanced CPU affinity features, dynamic selection of interface libraries, superb workload manager integrations and improved performance that give it an advantage over Open MPI. IBM Spectrum MPI supports a broad range of industry-standard platforms, interconnects and OS, helping to ensure that parallel applications can run almost anywhere.

Rather than have the application handle architectural differences in your infrastructure, let IBM Spectrum MPI manage them for you – there’s no need to write multiple versions of the application to account for different interconnects.

IBM Spectrum MPI offers these features:

Feature Benefits
Supports a wide range of industry networks and interconnects
Is prequalified and certified for use on a variety of platform types
Allows easy porting of applications to other platforms
Supports a broad range of standard platforms and operating systems
Supported by dedicated HPC support organisations

See the full list of IBM Spectrum MPI system requirements.

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