IBM PureFlex System and IBM Flex System

Optimised solutions running on the most advanced,
integrated infrastructure available.


Your business needs to be faster and more nimble, able to respond to changing business needs at an ever increasing pace. IBM PureFlex System integrated infrastructure and IBM Flex System advanced blade technology offer speed, simplicity and efficiency for cloud, VDI, analytics and virtualised infrastructure deployments.

IBM PureFlex System and IBM Flex System solutions bring together servers, storage, and systems networking capabilities that support open standards to easily into your existing data centre.

Deploy SAP faster. Simplify the virtualisation of your desktop infrastructure. Gain management efficiency by accelerating your cloud deployments. IBM PureSystems Solutions help you get the IT solution you need faster, more simply, and with better performance.

Cloud: optimise and extend your existing business applications

Cloud solutions deployed on IBM PureFlex System and IBM Flex System converged infrastructure give you flexibility; simplified, integrated management; and improved resource utilisation by helping to balance, manage and optimise all compute, storage and networking resources. Get the most out of your investment while maintaining the performance and reliability of your business applications.

Cloud solution highlights:

IBM Flex System Solution for SmartCloud Orchestrator

The IBM Flex System Solution for SmartCloud Orchestrator provides an open and extensible cloud management platform with advanced functionality for cloud services.

IBM PureFlex Solution for VMware vCloud Suite

The IBM PureFlex System speeds and simplifies deployment of clouds based on VMware's vCloud Suite by providing a fully integrated system with "single point of control" management of compute, storage, networking and virtualised resources to simplify the deployment of your cloud environment.

Spotlight on IBM PureFlex System and IBM Flex System Cloud Solutions

  • Simplify cloud disaster recovery services

    Secure, reliable protection to help reduce risk in scaling cloud solutions.

  • Accelerate cloud-based services for your SAP business applications

    Balance, manage and optimise all compute, storage and networking resources.

  • IBM Flex System™ Solution for Microsoft® Hyper-V™

    Reliable, affordable solutions validated by the Microsoft Fast Track program.

  • IBM PureFlex and Flex System Managed Service Provider Editions

    Tailored solutions for MSPs.

  • IBM SmartCloud Entry

    Affordable, easy to deploy entry cloud solution.

  • Find out more about Cloud Solutions on IBM PureFlex and Flex System.

Find out more about Cloud Solutions on IBM PureFlex and Flex System

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure

    Solutions for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) built on IBM PureFlex System and IBM Flex System extend the value of IBM expert integrated systems to deliver flexible, robust, and secure desktop services. Desktop virtualisation solutions are designed to protect confidential data and improve availability and business continuity with simple administration and management.

    The IBM PureFlex Solution for SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure offers more mobile application access with improved security. Now you can support up to 8400 Windows 7 users in a single PureFlex rack. In addition, this new offering ships pre-integrated from the factory to speed time to value for VDI deployments.

    The new offering includes a range of capabilities.

The updated IBM Flex System Solution for SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator offers scalable real-time analytics for your SAP Business Warehouse. Get faster access to valuable information with up to 200 times improved query response on even the largest solutions.

  • IBM Flex System Solution for Microsoft Exchange

    The updated IBM Flex System Solution for Microsoft Exchange provides a flexible reference architecture that simplifies implementation of a powerful collaborative platform designed for mid-size and enterprise client use. With updated options for “No Touch” Dynamic Disk Pooling, this solution now offers reduced drive maintenance schedules, proven reliability and world-class Exchange user/disk utilisation based on the latest IBM Flex System and IBM System Storage DS3524 technology.

    Details coming soon.

  • IBM PureFlex Solution for IBM i

    Consolidate IBM i and x86 into a single integrated system with 80 percent lower IBM i software costs.1

    The IBM PureFlex Solution for IBM i is a complete, integrated business system that offers an attractive alternative for existing small and midsized IBM i users to reduce IT costs and complexity by consolidating their IBM i and Windows® applications on an IBM PureFlex solution.

    The solution offers large memory capacity, outstanding performance of the POWER7+ processor, industrial-strength virtualisation and workload-optimising capabilities for small-to-midsize database servers and consolidation of virtualised application servers and consolidation x86 based workloads.

    In addition, the solution is designed to increase utilisation and performance while reducing costs, offering an excellent way to consolidate infrastructure.

  • IBM Flex System Microsoft SQL and Exchange Solutions

    IBM Flex System Microsoft SQL and Exchange Solutions provide Microsoft email and database solutions that are scalable to support a range of user counts and data sizes. These solutions support up to 25,000 users for Microsoft Exchange environments and provide a highly foundation for Microsoft SQL environments.

1 Based on 80% per core savings is based on the difference of IBM i p10 per core license price versus IBM i p05 per core license price which equates to 80% savings per core.

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