PureFlex System


Clients are seeking to deploy services faster, to scale infrastructure rapidly, to analyse new data and to deliver all of these new capabilities at much lower costs than ever before.

One key IT response has been the move to 'converged infrastructure' – compute, storage and networking in a single framework approach. Using converged infrastructure, clients have expected to achieve 20–30 percent improvements in time to deploy systems and similar improvements in utilisation and IT staff productivity. In fact, clients using Flex System™ and the pre-integrated and pre-tested PureFlex System have achieved much more. These clients can activate services in minutes or hours rather than days or weeks,1 have saved up to 47 percent in time to manage IT systems,2 have improved utilisation by 25 percent3 and reduced downtime by up to 97 percent.3

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Flex System compute nodes x220, x222, x240, x440
PureFlex System Rack 42U/None
Flex System Chassis Single with expansion options
Integrated 10 gigabit (Gb) Networking Switch Selectable option with redundancy
Integrated 16 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) Switch Selectable option with redundancy
Integrated Flex System Converged Scalable Switch (FCoE) Selectable option with redundancy
Flex System management node Yes
FlexSystem Manager (SW) Flex System Manager Standard
Power supplies (std/max) per chassis 2/6
80 mm fans (std/max) per chassis 4/8
Chassis Management Modules (CMM) 2
IBM Storwize V7000 Yes
IBM V7000 Software IBM V7000 Softwares

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