Healthcare solutions

Delivering actionable knowledge in context for better outcomes

Organisations are changing the way healthcare works and how we think about health. A more collaborative healthcare system that shares care, accountability for outcomes and risk is emerging. Patient-Centred care and health services are essential to redefining value and success for patients, organisations and communities - enabled by the confluence of big data, cloud, social, eHealth and mobility. Learn how healthcare solutions on IBM Power Systems can help.

Power Systems healthcare solutions

IBM Patient Care and Insights Infrastructure Solution (US) accelerates integration and analysis of complex data, using the IBM POWER7® big data engine to surface insights in near real-time settings and uncover earlier intervention opportunities, and supports coordinated, patient-Centreed care.

IBM Cúram Solution for Care Management – Power Systems Edition (US) provides a robust, secure and proven foundation for complex information integration and sharing, advanced analytics and care management across organisations.

IBM Campaign for Healthcare – Power Systems Edition (PDF, 748KB) including IBM Interact help organisations plan, design, execute, and measure the impact of marketing promotions and offers.

IBM Health Analytics Quick Start (PDF, 866KB) helps organisations realise results faster with ready-made healthcare applications including the ACO-33 quality measures and an integrated, enterprise-capable analytics platform.

Case studies

The Art of the Possible: Transforming Healthcare with IBM Watson