Are you getting the most out of SAP HANA?

Three reasons why IBM Power Systems, coupled with the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, are the premium solution for SAP HANA workloads.

A server to match SAP HANA’s speed.

Combined speed and agility to support your most important workloads, faster transactions, and respond to new customer demands, what else do you need in a big data solution?

Operate at a higher level than ever before

Take advantage of out-of-the-box virtualisation, flexible scaling, high RAS, and high throughput.

Realise maximum business value

Run multiple SAP HANA instances on one system and improve your security, resource sharing, scalability and workload isolation.

Seize opportunities when they appear

Gain faster business processes, simplify IT transactions and predict and analyse simultaneously.

Move beyond traditional boundaries

Deliver new levels of service, integrate partners and gain actionable insight with a solution that fits your unique needs.

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