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Training and certifications

The following IBM instructor-led classes are available for PowerVM and Power Systems Virtualisation. To enroll in any of these classes visit (US) and type in the course number.

AU73: Virtualisation I: Planning and Configuration
Learn the skills needed to become an effective administrator for IBM's Power Systems servers. Learn about the features of PowerVM and how to configure and manage logical partitions (LPARs) running AIX or Linux using the Hardware Management Console (HMC).

AU75: Virtualisation III: Virtualisation Performance Management
Learn advanced skills to measure, analyse, and tune AIX subsystems for optimal performance on IBM Power Systems. Focus on the features that relate to the special monitoring, configuring, performance management, and tuning needs of PowerVM logical partitions (LPARs).

AU78: Virtualisation Implementation and Best Practices
Learn advanced skills to plan, set up, and implement basic and advanced configurations of the Virtual Input/Output (VIO) Server and its clients including high-availability solutions when using the PowerVM Editions features on IBM Power Systems.

IBM Certified Systems Expert - Virtualisation Technical Support (US)
Provides technical support for virtualisation technologies in an IBM Power Systems environment. The IBM Certified Systems Expert provides technical expertise when determining customer business requirements, including planning, implementing and managing PowerVM virtualisation solutions.


Community resources

  • PowerVM forum (US)

    The PowerVM forum is a developer-moderated forum where you can find information about and help for the PowerVM technologies and products.

  • PowerVM wiki (US)

    The PowerVM wiki provides helpful information about Power Systems virtualisation, including the technologies and products that are part of PowerVM.

  • VIOS advisor (US)

    An application that runs within the customer's VIOS; polls and collects key performance metrics before analysing results and providing a health check report and proposes changes to the environment or areas to investigate further.

  • PowerVM Performance Advisor (US)

    Diagnoses performance issues within PowerVM partitions.

Related websites

  • IBM System Planning Tool (US)

    The IBM System Planning Tool is a free browser-based application that helps you design system configurations; it is particularly useful for designing logically partitioned systems. You can download the SPT from this website as well as find useful information about how to get started using the many features of SPT.

  • Virtual I/O Server (US)

    The Virtual I/O Server allows sharing of physical resources between LPARs including virtual SCSI and virtual networking. The Virtual I/O Server support site provides downloadable product updates and technical information related to the Virtual I/O Server.

  • Live Partition Mobility (US)

    Live Partition Mobility enables you to move logical partitions from one Power Systems server to another while they are active. The Live Partition Mobility support site contains information about the required components as well as configuration information and workarounds for known problems.

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