Virtualisation with PowerVM

The virtualisation platform for UNIX, Linux and IBM i clients

Using IBM PowerVM® Editions can help simplify and optimise your IT infrastructure. Available on Power™ Systems servers and supported by the AIX®, Linux® and IBM i operating systems, this set of comprehensive systems technologies and services are designed to enable you to aggregate and manage resources via a consolidated, logical view.

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Features Express Standard Enterprise
Maximum VMs 3 / Server 1000 / Server 1000 / Server
Management VMControl, IVM VMControl, IVM*, HMC VMControl, IVM*, HMC
Virtual I/O Server Yes Yes(Dual) Yes(Dual)
Suspend/Resume   Yes Yes
NPIV Yes Yes Yes
Shared Processor Pools   Yes Yes
Shared Storage Pools   Yes Yes
Thin Provisioning   Yes Yes
Active Memory Sharing
Live Partition Mobility
* IVM only supports a single Virtual I/O Server

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Live Partition Mobility demo moving SAP applications between servers.