Meeting needs for IT security compliance

Real security means protecting information in your virtualised environment

CIOs and IT Architects are transitioning to new IT architectures like Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and xml web services to facilitate rapid deployment of new workloads to meet changing business demands. These new architectures pose new security risks. IBM Power Systems servers coupled with PowerVM technology are designed to help clients build a dynamic infrastructure with a secure virtualisation environment.

PowerVM hypervisor provides isolation in these virtualised environments. Through advanced dynamic logical partitioning (LPAR) capabilities, a single partition can act as a completely separate AIX, i, or Linux operating environment. Partitions can have dedicated or shared processor resources. Application development and testing can be performed in secure independent domains.

PowerVM hypervisor facts:

Real security means mitigating threats before they become a problem

IBM’s UNIX operating system (US) introduces multiple security enhancements to help you secure your IT environment.

AIX facts:

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