IBM PowerLinux solutions

Why PowerLinux solutions

IBM’s PowerLinux solutions are tuned to extend the performance of POWER to key emerging workloads running on industry-standard Linux.

With PowerLinux, IBM brings four big things to the table that are good for Linux: competition, commitment, code, and cool technology.


Jim Zemlin, Executive Director
The Linux Foundation

Big data analytics

Deliver actionable insights faster - PowerLinux big data solutions are optimised for analytics on data-in-motion and data-at-rest.

Less than 1/2 the time

A Hadoop cluster built with PowerLinux technology can sort through a terabyte of data in less than half the time as one built with commodity x86 hardware.*(US)

Application Services

Reduce acquisition costs - deploying application services on PowerLinux combines value priced POWER servers with critical infrastructure applications.

30% less expensive

The University of Hamburg reduced their acquisition costs 30% by choosing a PowerLinux solution over commodity x86 hardware.

Industry application solutions

Differentiate in a crowded market - applications deployed on PowerLinux can be customised to your needs, and hardened against failures.

43% less downtime

SAP deployments built on IBM PowerLinux have 43% less downtime than similar deployments on Windows.

PowerLinux servers

PowerLinux 7R1
A Linux-only one-socket server supporting a single four-, six-, or eight-core POWER7+ processor modules in a dense, 2U rack-
optimised form factor.
PowerLinux 7R2
A Linux-only two-socket server supporting 16 POWER7+ cores in a dense, 2U rack-
optimised form factor.
PowerLinux 7R4
A Linux-only four-socket server that supports up to 32 cores with in a 5U rack-optimised form factor.

PowerLinux systems software – built on POWER

IBM PowerLinux Solution Editions are built on POWER, and include PowerVM server virtualisation (US) and Systems Director VMControl virtual server management (US). They deliver trusted, state of the art technology at the small, mid, and enterprise computing levels, and are broadly deployed in production environments worldwide. These value-priced servers compete with x86 servers on cost, while delivering greater performance, higher utilisation, and superior availability.

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    Solitaire data reveals PowerLinux advantages vs Windows

  • Better performance, lower costs

    The PowerLinux choice: twice the capability, or half the cost

  • Superior value

    PowerLinux provides better TCA

  • Big Data Without the Big Bang or Big Bucks

    See how PowerLinux can help you deliver better results

  • Thinking of migrating?

    See if you qualify for a complimentary migration assessment


"The POWER architecture brings choice to customers, a core value proposition from Red Hat."

Jim Totton, VP and GM of Platform Business Unit, Red Hat


"The time for PowerLinux is now."

Michael Miller, VP Global Alliances and Marketing, SUSE

  • 2011 Reader´s Choice WINNER. LINUX JOURNAL®.


    IBM wins “Best Linux Server Vendor” Award

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