New innovation brings faster insight to the point of impact for today’s data hungry applications

Built with innovation that puts data to work, Power Systems™ deliver the foundation for organisations to bring insight to the point of impact 2x faster. These first generation systems push the physical and virtual boundaries of data centre technology with innovation designed to drive faster and more efficient data-centric applications required for today's smarter enterprise.

With new innovations, Power Systems provide the ability to:

  • Gain faster insights with the POWER8 processor and smart acceleration enabled by CAPI (Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface) technologies such as FPGA accelerators for key workloads
  • Achieve lower latency and smaller footprint with CAPI Flash
  • Move data in and out of systems more quickly with twice the memory and I/O expansion
  • Achieve greater speed and efficiency for database, transactional and other highly multi-threaded applications with transactional memory supported by 50 percent more cores and 2x the number of simultaneous threads per core

Accelerate your algorithms

The Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface, exclusive to POWER8, enables customised compute solutions as well as offerings such as the IBM Data Engine for NoSQL


IBM’s Elastic Storage Servers

There’s a lot more here than a cute name

The IBM Power Scale-out advantage.

POWER8 scale-out advantage

Lower TCA for applications

IBM Leads Intel in price and performance

Analyst agrees that IBM beats Intel's most powerful server processor and IBM leads in performance

Compare the value of POWER8 versus Xeon

New systems raise the performance bar



System configurations Model 8286-42A
Processor and Memory
Microprocessors One or Two 6-core 3.89 GHz POWER8 processor cards or
One or Two 8-core 4.15 GHz POWER8 processor cards or
Two 12-core 3.52 GHz POWER8 processor cards
Level 2 (L2) cache 512 KB L2 cache per core
Level 3 (L3) cache 8 MB L3 cache per core
Level 4 (L4) cache 16 MB per DIMM
Memory Min/Max 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 module, 32 to 1 TB (1S) 32 to 2 TB (2S)
Active Memory Sharing
Processor-to-memory bandwidth 192 GBps per socket
Storage and I/O
Standard backplane 12 small form factor (SFF) bays for Hard Disk Drive (HDD)/Solid State Disk (SSD)
With dual IOA higher function backplane 18 SFF bays for HDD/SSD plus 8 1.8-inch bays for SSD
Media bays One slim line DVD
Integrated SAS Controller Standard RAID 0,5,6,10. Optional: 7200 MB cache & Easy Tier function
Adapter slots Included one x8 PCIe slots must contain a 4-port 1 Gb Ethernet LAN available for client use
Eleven PCIe Gen3 slots with concurrent maintenance: four x16 plus seven PCIe Gen3 x 8
Two CAPI adapters per processor module
I/O Bandwidth 96 GBps per socket
Expansion features (Optional)
Max PCIe Gen3 I/O drawer 2
Power, RAS, system software and physical characteristics and warranty
Power supply 100 V to 240 V
RAS features Processor instruction retry
Alternate processor recovery
Selective dynamic firmware updates
Chip kill memory
Error correcting code (ECC) L2 cache, L3 cache
Service processor with fault monitoring
Hot-swappable disk bays
Hot-plug concurrent maintenance PCIe slots
Hot-plug and redundant power supplies and cooling fans
Dynamic processor deallocation
Extended error handling on PCI slots
Operating systems* AIX, IBM i and Linux on POWER
System dimensions 427.5 W x 173 H x 750.5 D mm
Warranty 3 year limited warranty, on site for selected components; CRU (customer replaceable unit) for all other units (varies by country), Next Business Day 9x5 (excluding holidays), warranty service upgrades and maintenance are available.

Performance data

Power Systems: open innovation to put data to work. The benchmark and performance data below demonstrate how IBM solutions can be optimised for a wide variety of workloads, each one providing you with performance you can count on.

Multiuser performance
Technology Cores GHz Cache L1 (KB) Cache L2/L3/L4 (MB) rPerf ST* rPerf SMT2* rPerf SMT4* rPerf SMT8*
POWER8 8 4.1 32/64 4/64/128 82.3 119.3 155.1 166
POWER8 12 3.8 32/64 6/96/256 116.8 169.4 220.2 235.6
POWER8 16 4.1 32/64 8/128/256 160.4 232.7 302.4 323.6
POWER8 24 3.5 32/64 12/192/256 209.1 303.2 394.2 421.8

IBM i Multiuser Performance
Technology Cores GHz CPW**
POWER8 6 3.89 72000
POWER8 12 3.89 130000
POWER8 8 4.15 94500
POWER8 16 4.15 173500
POWER8 24 3.52 230500

SPEC CPU2006 performance
Technology Processor / #cores GHz Operating system SPECint_ rate2006 SPECint_ base2006 SPECfp_ rate2006 SpECfp_ rate_ base2006
POWER8 24 3.52 AIX 7.1 1,750 1,280 1,370 1,180
POWER8 24 3.52 RHEL 7.0 1,720 1,310 1,330 1,130

SPECjbb2013 MultiJVM Java performance
Technology Processor / #cores GHz Operating system JVM name Max-JOPS Critical-JOPS
POWER8 24 3.52 AIX 7.1 IBM J9 VM (build 2.7, JRE 1.7.0 SR1 AIX ppc64), with APAR IV60791 361,293 27,328

AIX SPECjEnterprise 2010 performance
JEE server GHz JEE AppServer JEE Nodes / Cores Database server GHz Database Database nodes/ cores EjOPS
Power S824 3.52 WebSphere 8.5 1/24 Power S824 3.52 DB2 10.5 1/24 22,543.34

SAP Standard Application, Sales and Distribution - SD 2-Tier - AIX
Model GHz # core (proc/ thread) Users Average response time Dialog steps per hour (K) Fully proc. line items per hour SAPS (K) OS Database CPU Util. % SAP ECC Ver
Power S824 3.52 24 (4/192) 21,212 0.98 6,952 2,317,330 115.87 AIX 7.1 DB2 10.5 99% EHP5

AIX Oracle e-Business Suite (eBS), R12 - 12.1.3 Payroll Batch Results
Model GHz Cores (proc/ threads) Checks/hour Kit Average CPU util. Batch: payroll employees App level Tiers
Power S824 3.52 12 (2/48) 1,090,909 ExLrg 53% 250,000 12.1.3 2-Tier

Siebel CRM 8.1 Industry Applications Performance and Scalability Benchmark
Database server # Cores / memory App / gateway servers # Cores / memory Concurrent users Application version Database
Power S824 6/224GB 3 x S824 p8 4.1GHz 16/448GB 50,000 Oracle 11gR2

For details on these and all other benchmarks published by IBM Power Systems, see the Power Systems Performance Report (US).

The benchmarks and values shown herein were derived using particular, well configured, development-level computer systems. Actual system performance may vary and is dependent upon many factors including system hardware configuration and software design and configuration. Additional information about these benchmarks and associated trademarks (US).

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The Power S824 server offers 6-12 core 3.89 GHz, 8-16 core 4.15 GHz or 24 core 3.52 GHz POWER8® processors in a dense, 4U rack-optimised form factor support choice of AIX, IBM i or Linux operating system.

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Advanced virtualisation

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Expanding POWER

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