Business climates are changing, and organisations must provide an infrastructure that can quickly adapt to those changes. Successful organisations work smarter and faster with greater agility and flexibility. Cloud fundamentally changes the way IT builds new apps, delivers services and consumes compute and software resources.

In its many forms (public, private or hybrid), cloud computing is quickly becoming both the delivery and consumption models for IT. However, getting the correct mix between traditional IT, private cloud and public cloud can be a challenge.

The new IBM Power Systems™ E850C, E870C and E880C, with OpenStack based cloud management and open source automation, enable clients to accelerate the transformation of their IT infrastructure for cloud while providing tremendous flexibility during the transition. These powerful, high performance systems provide clients increased security, high availability, rapid scalability, simplified maintenance and management. It also enables business growth and dramatically reduces costs. The Power® E850C, E870C and E880C systems management capabilities speed up and simplify cloud deployment by providing fast, automated virtual machine (VM) deployments, pre-built image templates and self-service capabilities with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.