IBM Power Systems advantages

Power is the ultimate platform for compute intensive workloads

AIX – The future of UNIX

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the IBM Power Systems platform with AIX technology is one of the leaders in worldwide UNIX server revenue share.1 The introduction of the POWER7 and recent POWER7+ processors helped accelerate migrations to the Power Systems and AIX platform from Oracle Solaris and HP-UX and now with the introduction of POWER8, is poised to take enterprise computing to new levels. An open standards–based UNIX Operating System (OS), IBM AIX software exploits decades of IBM technology innovation. According to ITIC’s 2013 survey, the IBM AIX OS delivered the highest reliability scores among different server OS platforms, including Linux and other UNIX OS.2

IBM i – A system designed for business

IBM i, running on an IBM Power Systems server, offers an integrated, simple-to-manage platform for business applications with a proven reputation for exceptional resilience and low operational costs. Running applications based on IBM i has helped companies over many years to focus on innovation and on delivering new value to their business and to lower the costs of managing their IT operations.

And IBM i 7.2 brings significant value to clients with more granular security options for critical business data, additional system management functionality as well as many other enhancement designed with performance and usability in mind. IBM i clients will be able to run IBM i 7.2 on POWER7 and POWER8 systems, providing the key reliability, availability, scalability and performance characteristics to which they are accustomed.

Linux – Extending the value of POWER to industry-standard Linux

Red Hat (RHEL), SUSE Linux (SLES) and Canonical (Ubuntu) distributions of Linux run natively on POWER processor-based systems, offering a scalable Linux alternative for open source applications. Reducing server sprawl through consolidation and virtualisation is a key priority for many companies today and Linux with PowerVM provides a scalable, optimised and cost competitive alternative to running Linux on commodity x86 servers.

PowerHA – Resiliency without downtime

Smarter computing by nature requires businesses to raise their services delivery levels, fuelling all day, every day High Availability (HA) demands for their applications and IT infrastructure. PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX and IBM i is a HA clustering solution for both Data Centre (DC) and multisite resiliency. PowerHA can to protect business applications from outages of virtually any kind, helping ensure round-the-clock business operations.

PowerSC – Security and compliance: trusted and automated

Security and compliance are intrinsic to today’s business processes, development and daily operations and should be factored in to the initial design of any IT or critical infrastructure solution, not added after the fact. By building security and compliance into the overall design of a system, application or cloud infrastructure, businesses are better able to deploy innovative solutions that reduce risk while cost-effectively addressing audit requirements.

IBM services and financing for your smarter computing projects

From online self-evaluation tools and workshops to comprehensive assessments and complete migration services, IBM services teams and IBM Business Partner (BP) experts around the world can help you determine where to begin or how to make the most of your current Power Systems solutions.

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