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IBM’s dedication to constant innovation is what sets us apart from our competitors. We offer simplified deployment and management, superior quality and service that can fundamentally transform your IT infrastructure. Reduced complexity, enhanced productivity, and a security-rich environment create an IT infrastructure that promotes your business agenda, no matter what it might be.

Oracle® recently announced it will discontinue new development on the Itanium platform. This follows similar announcements by Red Hat® and Microsoft® last year. In response, IBM® is offering HP Itanium® clients a low risk migration solution. Migrate to IBM eX5 servers today for resilient IT environments that include IBM innovations like MAX5, eXFlash, and Flexnode and have the enterprise reliability, availability, and serviceability you need for your data centre.

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  • Chris Johnson

    Marketing Segment Manager for System x, x86 Competitive Tools

Chris Johnson

Marketing Segment Manager for System x
IBM System x, x86 Competitive Tools, Sales Enablement

Chris is a Marketing Manager for IBM System x, focused on sales enablement and competitive tools. He works closely with System x product managers, IBM sellers, and IBM Business Partners to provide the right resources and tools to enable all IBM System x sellers.

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Barbara Beltrame

x86 & Cloud Competitive Specialist

Barbara is a competitive expert working with servers and cloud computing, part of an IBM worldwide team. She is a public speaker at IBM technical events and IBM Top Gun courses. In March 2011 she graduated with an MBA dissertation on the strategic implications of cloud computing for IBM x86 servers. She has been with IBM for 10 years.

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