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Being able to capture and understand data is essential for any organisation. However, the amount of data that organisations are required to store is exploding and disk utilisation rates are often as low as 20%1. Enhancing storage efficiency through modernisation is vital to ensure businesses are maximising their IT budget. With the right storage solution, businesses can transform data into a strategic asset.

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1 Based on data found on the Storage home page

The solution is Smarter Storage for Smarter Computing. This new approach gives you more control over your storage systems to gain more insight from data, drive decision-making, enhance efficiency to reduce costs and deliver a competitive advantage to the business.

Data migration to IBM is simple, effective and non-disruptive. With new technology such as data compression offering real-time operation, transparency, simplicity and high availability, you can achieve a new level of storage efficiency.

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Today’s organisations are not only faced with growing complexity, they must also manage unprecedented data growth. Thousands of businesses worldwide have found a solution in storage virtualisation with IBM Storwize V7000. Discover benefits never seen before in a midrange disk system - including superior performance, increased availability, advanced functions and highly scalable capacity.

Data growth throws many IT challenges into sharp focus: rising costs, flat storage budgets, and increasing user expectations. At IBM, we see opportunity. By simplifying your storage infrastructure, IBM can help you consistently extract business value from data.

Successful backup systems come from two things: good processes and good technology. Consider IBM Storwize V7000 and XIV Storage systems for your backup solutions. With Tivoli Flash Copy Manager, either of these systems can simplify snapshots, provide better migration capabilities and perform restores without a Storage Admin. That can save you money, not to mention downtime.

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  • IBM Master Inventor consults on IBM storage hardware and storage software solutions

Tony Pearson

Senior IT Storage Consultant

Tony Pearson presents briefings on storage topics covering the entire System Storage product line as well as various Tivoli storage software products.
He also leads client workshops to help with strategic planning for IBM's integrated set of storage management software, hardware, and virtualisation products. He is author of the book "Inside System Storage: Volume I".*

Tony's blog - Inside System Storage (US)

This blog is for the open exchange of ideas relating to storage and storage networking hardware, software and services. It was rated one of the top 10 blogs of 2006 for the IT storage industry by "Networking World" magazine. It has been published in book form as "Inside System Storage: Volume I", and is available to order in Hardcover or Paperback versions.

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