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Is your infrastructure ready for tomorrow?

As the business demands placed on IT increase and budgets shrink, many organisations face uncertainty. Will your current platform take you seamlessly into the future? How can you handle end-of-life products in the data centre without risking your business? Does your vendor have a credible strategy to meet your future needs? Who can you turn to for a data centre migration with minimal risk?

In an uncertain world, IBM delivers confidence.

IBM has been a leader in innovation for over 100 years, providing answers to our customers’ most pressing IT concerns. More than 8,000 of our inventors helped IBM achieve its record-breaking tally of over 6,000 patents in 20111.

Relative to comparable systems, our industry-leading solutions help customers lower costs through better performance, virtualisation and energy utilisation2. IBM hardware provides the price performance, operational savings, reliability and scalability that today’s businesses need, to meet future demands and maintain a competitive edge.

If you need certainty in your business, you need IBM. We invite you to discover the future of IT.

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IBM’s 100 years of experience and innovation make IBM the obvious choice

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Your business needs a high performance, scalable IT infrastructure to respond quickly to changing demands. You need an infrastructure ready for today, but built for tomorrow.

Complexity has no place in your IT infrastructure. When valuable resources are focused on IT management, there is less time for strategic initiatives that drive competitive advantage.

The amount of data required to be stored is exploding while disk utilisation rates are suffering. Enhancing storage efficiency through modernisation is vital to ensure your business is maximising its IT budget.

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Considering a data centre migration?

Join Cal Braunstein, Analyst for Robert Frances Group, Joe DeBella, CIO at Arizona Beverage, and Dave Carlquist, IBM VP of Competitive Strategy in two upcoming events:

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    Listen to Balluff GmbH customer discuss his recent IT migration with an IBM VP and analyst

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