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1Gb Ethernet Transceivers

While the majority of 1Gb environments will use RJ-45, there are some instances where cable paths need to go longer distances. SFP SX transceivers support distances up to 550 metres and SFP LX transceivers support distances up to 10 kilometres.

IBM SFP RJ45 Transceiver

IBM Part # 00FE333, EB29*
Connector: RJ45
Speed: 1Gb
Distance: 100m
Cable: Cat5e Copper
IBM SFP SX Transceiver

IBM Part # 81Y1622, EB2A*
Connector: SFP
Speed: 1Gb
Distance: Up to 550m
Cable: Optical
IBM SFP LX Transceiver

IBM Part # 90Y9424, ECB8*
Connector: SFP
Speed: 1Gb
Distance: Up to 10km
Cable: Optical

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