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There are a lot of reasons to migrate to an IBM server or storage solution. Maybe you want to reduce costs or consolidate. Or perhaps your equipment has just reached the end of its life. Whatever the reason, one thing is relatively certain: companies of all sizes are reengineering their IT infrastructures to help strengthen their position in the business world. And they're discovering the time and cost-saving benefits of server or storage migration.

Is an IBM server or storage system right for you and your company? Here are some basic reasons that may influence your decision to migrate.

What are the common business triggers?

1. You want to simplify your infrastructure
By simplifying the IT architecture and integrating all the components into a single solution, you can save resources and improve control.

2. You want to reduce complexity and management requirements
When it comes to server management, simpler is better. And one of the shortest routes to reducing complexity is migrating to IBM. Because with IBM servers, you not only can save on the cost of the hardware, you also can take advantage of IBM virtualisation capabilities that can substantially impact the overall efficiency of your IT environment.

3. You want to better utilize the server infrastructure
Thanks to virtualisation you have the ability on certain IBM servers to create multiple virtual servers on a single machine and prioritize system resources so you can allocate them on the fly. Plus, our systems can help you create a flexible, open and highly-secure operating environment.

4. You're looking to reduce costs
Today, most companies considering migration are strategically and proactively choosing to increase business value by linking business goals to IT infrastructure. IBM Systems can provide hard-hitting solutions that offer great flexibility and choice, along with dramatic improvements in the application response times.

5. Improve application performance
virtualisation allows applications to scale up to meet spikes in workload, has the potential to reduce administrative and software cost, and may allow the ability to safely combine test, development and production servers on the same system. This allows your customers to enjoy better service and helps your IT team manage the systems better and respond more effectively to business goals. And virtualisation comes standard on many of our IBM Systems.

6. Data management
IBM servers can be ideal for those looking to consolidate clustered or scalable databases and applications that run high-volume transaction processes.

We can help

Our adaptive and innovative solutions will help your business share information, skills and resources seamlessly between systems and people, regardless of their geographic or technical barriers. And the best way to get started getting the most out of migration is by first prioritizing your objectives, then by defining the environment that will best support your needs. To help you answer those questions an IBM representative is on hand to help you fully realize all the time- and cost-saving potential of migration.

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