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Why migrate to IBM Systems?

Technology and migration expertise from a trusted partner

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Applying technology and skills to help transform your business
By taking a comprehensive view of IT operations, IBM can help you transform your IT infrastructure into an agile operation to help you meet your strategic goals now and in the future. IBM can help you plan, implement and maintain your infrastructure and can do so on a budget you can trust.

IBM Systems offer industry-leading performance, virtualisation and energy efficiency. And these systems have a track record — protecting investments in applications, skills and technology resources. IBM can offer innovations today that can help enable worry-free migration and flexibility through platform choice, support and expertise.

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Choose choice
IBM believes there is no one-size-fits-all system that can adequately meet the varied needs of today's businesses. IBM offers a range of systems that offer you the choice of technology, performance, scalability, operating system and more so you have the flexibility to meet the needs of your business.

For the past four decades, our core processor and operating systems have maintained a track record of leadership. IBM has been one of the world's leading  with an unrivalled investment in research and development — a heritage on which we continue to build.


More is more
Often companies want to migrate but do not know where to start. With IBM and its Business partners, businesses gain access to a highly trained team that can assess the current situation, discuss key business objectives and develop a solution customised to the client's needs that includes implementation and continued support. Read on to learn more.

IBM Executive Briefing Centres: in-depth technology briefings, product demonstrations and solution workshops for clients wanting product expertise and assistance with the design and implementation of migration plans. Hursley and Greenok.

IBM Design Centres: design and validate first-of-a-kind integration and deployment of innovative technologies such as grid, virtualisation, SOA, advanced security, high availability and solution integration in preparation for migration. Learn more (US).

IBM Benchmark Centres: hands-on facilities where IBM Systems professionals partner with clients to meet their migration goals by assisting in the demonstration and validation of the functional capabilities in a lab environment. Learn more (US).

IBM System Storage Data Migration Services: intelligent storage virtualisation solutions and expertise to assist the hardware and simplify the task of migrating data from one array to another.

IBM Migration Factory: provides an innovative and integrated approach to migration that can enable true global delivery by helping plan and perform a migration based on our depth and breadth of resources.


Tried and true
IBM provides comprehensive migration assessments that can be the basis of a prudent and pragmatic plan to transform your infrastructure into an effective platform for success now and in the years to come.

Recognising that every migration project is different, IBM follows a five-step methodology designed to accommodate each client's particular requirements:

  1. Assessment and planning: to begin each engagement, IBM professionals examine the key infrastructure elements, databases, ISV applications and custom code to determine the testing requirements, select the appropriate methodology and prepare a detailed project plan.
  2. Migration: baseline building and testing, user acceptance testing and application deployment can be completed in IBM facilities worldwide, at the client's location or in a combination of locations.
  3. Testing: databases and applications are subjected to several mock migrations before going live in the production environment to help mitigate risk. Custom applications are rebuilt and tested rigorously.
  4. Performance and tuning: prior to deployment, IBM professionals work with clients to optimise their applications for the new IBM environment.
  5. Training and deployment: after the new platforms are in place and proper operation has been verified — but before deployment to production — systems administrators and application developers receive training on the new environment.

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