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By taking a comprehensive view of IT operations, IBM can help you move forward to transform your IT infrastructure into an agile operation that can bring strategic advantages to your enterprise. IBM has a clear vision and can get you there on a budget you can trust. IBM servers, storage and software combine high–performance technology and business expertise to help you create a consolidated resilient platform for today as well as position IT for continued growth in the years to come.

As a trusted partner who can help not just change your IT, but improve your business as a whole, IBM offers systems with the performance and flexibility you need to manage growth and respond to the changes in your business. With extraordinary energy efficiency, industry-leading virtualisation capabilities and a broad portfolio of systems, IBM can help your business deliver innovation now.

BladeCenter systems integrate servers, storage and networking, to offer up to 31 percent more density than competitors to help you reduce complexity, improve power and cooling and simplify management. Unlike competitors, all BladeCenter blades, switches and adapters are interoperable in all chassis, providing mix–and–match migration choices.

System p: The POWER6 technology simply performs - whatever task you throw at it. With virtualisation features designed to ensure high resource utilisation and industry-leading performance, System p servers offer low TCO through simple management, energy efficiency and straightforward scalability.

System i platforms enable companies to implement an integrated business system capable of running i5/OS®, AIX 5L™, Linux® and Microsoft® Windows® applications on a single system.

IBM System Storage allows you to match the value of your data to the cost of storage with storage solutions from tape, to disk systems to the industry–leading SAN Volume Controller. IBM storage solutions can help you manage costs, improve utilisation and gain the flexibility your business needs

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