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Move Up to IBM BladeCenter®

Win the space race. Solve the energy crisis. IBM BladeCenter uses 50% less floor space and 35% less energy than its competitors rack servers.

IBM BladeCenter® uses up to 50 percent less floor space  [1] and up to 35 percent less energy than competitor rack servers without sacrificing performance.  [2]

What path should you take?

When you're ready to move up, it's smart to go with IBM. Our expertise and leading product portfolio take the sting out of migrating from your current platform. Let us help you make the move.

Migrate from Needs Migrate to
HP Alpha servers

HP 3000, HPTC Clusters and Digital Servers

HP Blade System
Reduce server sprawl

Windows, UNIX or Linux migration

Rack or x86 Blades integration

Support new workloads, platforms and applications—including Web service and security

Move up to virtualization, increased compatibility, ut
IBM BladeCenter: HS21, HS21XM, or LS42 on Windows or Linux

IBM Cluster 1350

Dell PowerEdge – Intel 1U/2U

Dell PowerEdge blades
Cost-effective scalability; support for multiple applications on multiple operating systems; support for 2- and 4-way Intel and 2-way UNIXall on same chassis. IBM BladeCenter HS21 & HS21XM

Sun Fire™ T1000/T2000

Sun Fire UltraSPARC

Sun Fire AMD™ 1U/2U

Solaris 10

Help increase investment protection; acquire reliable technology with a long established ecosystem; increase energy efficiency; add flexibility for future growth Server Consolidation (consolidating Solaris servers onto IBM Blades). Linux, AIX or Solaris 10 on IBM BladeCenter: LS42, HS21, HS21XM

  1 BladeCenter E holds 14 servers in 7U of rack space. You can only get seven 1U rack servers in 7U of rack space.

  2 Based on IBM power engineering test data. Numbers are average worst case for P6 Burn exerciser program. Like Intel configurations tested in IBM lab. Blade power is average power of total chassis solution

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