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Move Up to IBM BladeCenter®

Win the space race. Solve the energy crisis. IBM BladeCenter uses 50% less floor space and 35% less energy than its competitors rack servers.

IBM BladeCenter® uses up to 50 percent less floor space  [1] and up to 35 percent less energy than competitor rack servers without sacrificing performance.  [2]

Featured BladeCenter offerings

  • IBM BladeCenter chassis

    Five choices, including chassis for data centers, stores or remote sites and non-traditional environments, so you can tailor a solution to meet your needs

  • IBM BladeCenter blade servers

    A choice of blade servers including those with Intel® Xeon®, AMD Opteron, IBM POWER™ and Cell Broadband Engine™ processors allow you to run diverse workloads within one architecture

  • IBM BladeCenter Open Fabric (I/O)

    An integrated server I/O portfolio providing a comprehensive set of interconnects and smart management tools to help you run your business

  • IBM Director (US)

    IBM Director is an integrated, easy-to-use suite of tools that provide customers with flexible systems management capabilities to help realize maximum systems availability and lower IT costs.

  1 BladeCenter E holds 14 servers in 7U of rack space. You can only get seven 1U rack servers in 7U of rack space.

  2 Based on IBM power engineering test data. Numbers are average worst case for P6 Burn exerciser program. Like Intel configurations tested in IBM lab. Blade power is average power of total chassis solution

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