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Win the space race. Solve the energy crisis.IBM BladeCenter uses 50% less floor space and 35% less energy than its competitors rack servers.

IBM BladeCenter® uses up to 50 percent less floor space  [1] and up to 35 percent less energy than competitor rack servers without sacrificing performance.  [2]

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How does your system stack up against IBM BladeCenter?

  IBM Dell HP Sun
Yes   Chassis flexibility

Provides a variety of chassis offerings to meet your specific needs
BladeCenter S,
BladeCenter E,
BladeCenter H,
BladeCenter T,
BladeCenter HT,
Common set of blades, switches, I/O fabrics and management infrastructure
PowerEdge 1955
PowerEdge M1000e
BladeSystem c-Class
BladeSystem p-Class
bh 5700 ATCA
Sun Blade 6000
Sun Blade 8000
Netra CT900 ATCA
Yes   Blade server flexibility

Provides a large selection of blades optimized for specific workloads
Intel® Xeon®, AMD Opteron, IBM POWER™, Cell BE™
Intel Xeon
AMD Opteron
Intel Xeon
AMD Opteron
Intel Itanium®
Intel Xeon
AMD Opteron
Yes   Legacy I/O support

Provides a more seamless transition from industry-standard rack and/or tower servers to blade servers
PCI Expansion Module
-- --
PCI Expansion Module, (c-Class only)
Yes   Next-generation local storage

Helps improve reliability
Solid state drives
-- -- --
Yes   Storage flexibility

Provides choices to meet your specific storage needs

Internal: Solid state, Flash, SAS, SATA  [3]
External: NAS, FC SAN, iSCSI SAN

Internal: SAS, SATA
External: NAS, FC SAN, iSCSI SAN

Internal: Flash, SAS, SATA
External: NAS, FC SAN, iSCSI SAN

Internal: SAS, SATA
Yes   Redundancy

Helps provide end-to-end high availability
IBM designs its blades with redundant connections and its chassis with a redundant-path midplane
-- -- --
Yes   Illuminated path to blade components

Helps improve reliability by identifying a component in need of maintenance — even without system power
Light path diagnostics
No light path on the blades
No light path on the blades
Yes   Event identification

Helps simplify problem determination
First Failure Data Capture
-- -- --
Yes   Integrated 10Gb Ethernet switch modules

Delivers additional bandwidth between the blade, the chassis and the network
BladeCenter H, BladeCenter HT
-- c-Class --
Yes   Integrated layer 2/7 Ethernet

Delivers application and server load balancing, plus simplicity and cost savings
-- -- --
Yes   Integrated 4X InfiniBand® switch modules

Provides a high-speed, low latency interconnect enabling I/O virtualization and HPC
Two ports/card, managed
Announced Two ports/card unmanaged Two ports/card, pass-through
Yes   Blade deployment and redeployment

Helps reduce the time it takes to deploy servers, data and storage to minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.
Open Fabric Manager, Uses standard switches, single login across 100 chassis
-- Virtual Connect, Uses proprietary switches, single login across four chassis --

  1 BladeCenter E holds 14 servers in 7U of rack space. You can only get seven 1U rack servers in 7U of rack space.

  2 Based on IBM power engineering test data. Numbers are average worst case for P6 Burn exerciser program. Like Intel configurations tested in IBM lab. Blade power is average power of total chassis solution

  3 Available on IBM BladeCenter S.

  4 Based on Web blade configuration.

Information based on competitor Web sites as of January 2008.

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