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Move Up to IBM BladeCenter

Win the space race. Solve the energy crisis.IBM BladeCenter uses 50% less floor space and 35% less energy than its competitors rack servers.

IBM BladeCenter® uses up to 50 percent less floor space  [1] and up to 35 percent less energy than competitor rack servers without sacrificing performance.  [2]

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Script section containing code for Liveperson Chat Solution

Simplify. Cut costs. Boost productivity. Go green. They're all priorities for IT, and they're all driving organizations to rethink their server strategies and become more receptive to new ways to use IT. Blades are the next-generation solution, promising improvements across the board. IBM BladeCenter's innovative, open design offers a true alternative to today's sprawling racks and overheated server rooms. So toss your cables and take the leap. Migrate to the blade solution that uses less energy and gives you more choices and control. You have nothing to lose but complexity. IBM BladeCenter is the right choice. Open. Easy. Green.

Realize innovation

You've told us you're running multiple business-critical applications — all on x86 servers. You need a provider you can count on. BladeCenter is built on IBM X-Architecture® — our blueprint for bringing innovation to x86 systems. The result is open, industry-standard blade solutions on which clients feel confident running their business-critical workloads. With IBM BladeCenter you can choose the right solution — one tailored to fit your diverse needs — so you can realize innovation in your business. Innovation that helps set you apart from the competition. For example, an IT infrastructure that is more reliable, more available and can be built in a more flexible manner can enable you to get your applications or products into production earlier. More affordable IT allows you to take the money that's saved and use it to fuel innovation projects.

Manage growth, complexity and risk

Unlike a stand-alone server that needs multiple power supplies and fans, individual systems management, numerous cables and a lot of space, IBM BladeCenter is compact and easy to use. The blade contains all the necessities to run an application — processors, memory, I/O and storage. Components that are duplicated in rack servers, like redundant power, hot-swap cooling, DVD and consolidated management are placed in the BladeCenter chassis and shared. The beauty of the BladeCenter architecture is that now everything needed for the solution can be housed and managed from a single point of control.

An intelligent system design that includes multiple layers of redundancy combined with advanced availability tools help BladeCenter stay up and running. And with the ability to add blades on demand, you can grow as needed to create a dynamic and scalable infrastructure. With a data center that's easier to manage, you can focus on growing your business.

Go green and save

Managing energy in your data center is a growing concern — because (US) of the increasing numbers of servers, the incremental heat they generate and ultimately, the rising cost of energy. With BladeCenter, IBM can help you cut costs with technologies that not only increase performance per watt, but also help you budget, plan and control power usage. In fact, Edison Group, an independent technology analysis and consulting firm, found that IBM BladeCenter H requires nearly 10 percent less power than the equivalently configured HP BladeSystem c7000. Extrapolated over 224 servers and with an energy cost of 9.4 cents per kilowatt-hour, this can save you up to $12,000  [3] per year . And, the super-efficient IBM BladeCenter E chassis configured with low-power components requires more than 30 percent less power than that same HP BladeSystem c-Class configuration.  [4]

And, by consolidating and virtualizing on BladeCenter, you can increase the utilization of your hardware and decrease the number of physical assets you need to watch over. This translates into real dollar savings through better energy conservation and IT resource usage across the data center.

Featured Case Studies

Case Study: Live Earth Chooses AISO.Net for Solar-powered Web Site Hosting will rely on energy efficient IBM BladeCenter servers to support concert series to combat global warming.


  1 BladeCenter E holds 14 servers in 7U of rack space. You can only get seven 1U rack servers in 7U of rack space.

  2 Based on IBM power engineering test data. Numbers are average worst case for P6 Burn exerciser program. Like Intel configurations tested in IBM lab. Blade power is average power of total chassis solution

  3 Edison Group, Blade Server Power Study

  4 Up to 84% fewer cables based on calculations of 1 rack of (6) fully populated BladeCenter E chassis vs. 1 fully populated rack (42) of competitive 1U servers.

  IBM BladeCenter E IBM BladeCenter H HP BladeSystem c7000
Blades 14 HS21 XM LV 14 HS21 XM 16 BL460c G1
Processor 2 x 1.86 50W Intel Quad Core (L5320) 2 x 1.86 80W Intel Quad Core (E5320) 2 x 1.86 80W Intel Quad Core (E5320)
Memory 4 x 2GB DIMMs 8 x 1GB DIMMs 8 x 1GB DIMMs
Memory interleaving Non-interleaved Interleaved Interleaved
Local disks per blade 2 x16GB solid state 2 x16GB solid state 2 x 36GB 10K SAS HDD
Peak power consumption per blade server (watts) 224.84 300.63 333.43

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