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Reduce IT Costs and Complexity

Less is more. Slim down to a highly-efficient IBM infrastructure. You will feel better. So will your CFO.

Reduce IT Costs and Complexity with IBM Systems. Sure, you're getting by with your aging IT infrastructure. But the more you try to work around its limitations, the more complex and inflexible it's getting. And all that inflexibility is hampering growth and profitability. With IBM, you have an alternative: a simpler, flexible infrastructure with a lower total cost of ownership and the energy-efficiency to lower your carbon footprint.

What you can count on from IBM:

 Reduce IT costs and complexity and improve responsiveness

Why settle for 10 percent or 20 percent utilization of a growing, complex collection of single-workload servers? With IBM server virtualization, you can reduce IT costs by running the same workloads through fewer more powerful servers running at up to 80% utilization rates. And unlike many of our competitors, IBM offers an integrated, system-wide approach to virtualization. So you can look forward to not just a simpler server configuration, but a simpler storage and network infrastructure as well.

You need to maximize the return on your existing IT investment. Whether you have a single server or a multisystem environment, reducing the complexity can provide a more responsive infrastructure and help reduce IT costs — if you have the right technology. IBM offers the broadest range of virtualization technologies, from server and storage offerings to complete solutions, including support for IBM-compatible and non-IBM systems.

Another benefit of reducing complexity comes from simplifying pricing and reducing your energy and administrative costs. And IBM Power Systems™ offer an ideal way to get the job done. Power Systems support three operating systems — UNIX®, Linux® and IBM i (formerly IBM i5/OS®). So in one environment, you'll have access to an estimated 15,000 applications, instead of cobbling together systems to support several operating systems.

If you're using IBM AS/400®, iSeries®, or IBM System i® 520 servers, the new IBM i Edition Express for BladeCenter® (US) is an affordable way for you to consolidate both i and x86 applications on BladeCenter S. IBM PowerVM™ (US) gives you virtualization functionality for AIX®, IBM i and Linux® operating systems. And with the IBM Systems Director family (US), you'll gain a single point of management to control your virtual and physical infrastructure, including Microsoft Windows®, AIX, Linux and i operating systems. Introducing this degree of virtualization and unified control throughout your infrastructure can help you reduce IT costs by reducing energy usage and administrative complexity.

 Increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs

Transform your data center into an eco-friendly environment that significantly reduces overall data center footprints. Powerful yet efficient IBM technologies make it possible by letting you eliminate servers and storage devices. For example, consolidating 180 Sun Fire V490 servers onto one rack of IBM BladeCenter JS22 servers cuts maximum energy requirements up to 92 percent.

With IBM tools to diagnose, measure, and manage energy efficiency, you can drive down costs as well as respond to energy efficiency mandates. Start the process by bringing IBM on site to identify simple, low-cost energy saving ideas and predict your potential savings.

 Reduce costs of servers, storage and administration

Have a large number of x86-based servers? IBM can offer significant consolidation advantages over the competition. IBM BladeCenter provides more than 25 percent better density than blade competitors, and two times the density of rack servers. That translates into simpler, less expensive interconnects, power and cooling and systems management and can significantly reduce IT costs.

 Respond more quickly to business needs with leadership performance and price per performance

You need to respond faster to a fast-changing business environment. But you need to get the most bang for your buck. The best approach? A scalable, balanced system: IBM Power Systems based on IBM POWER6 technology, IBM System x™ enterprise servers with 4th-generation IBM eX4 technology and leading Storage Virtualization.

 Get the details handled in one place

Throughout the process of building your new infrastructure, IBM stands by you, offering an array of services:

With IBM ServicePacs® for Warranty and Maintenance Services (US), you have a variety of service options available to fit your needs, with response times as low as two hours.

Most company's internal IT resources are already spread thin; IBM Implementation Services (US) can guide you through the transition period as you build a more effective infrastructure. We can help with everything from basic skills transfer to developing more efficient systems management processes.

Funding is a significant part of any migration effort. IBM Global Financing (US) can help. We offer everything from simple leases and loans to complex, customized transactions.

When you migrate, you'll need to dispose of your old equipment. IBM Express Asset Recovery Solutions (ARS) (US) offers a comprehensive range of reasonably priced buyback and disposal services.

 Benefit by teaming with a leader

We provide sustained, tangible benefits to your business. Our experience and technology leadership extends in many directions:

These tools and technologies enable an infrastructure with a small number of highly efficient servers and storage devices. That simpler, more efficient infrastructure can improve your energy efficiency. It can also lower your administration, hardware maintenance, software and energy costs.

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