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Application performance improvement

Fuel your company's growth. Boosting application performance with a more powerful, agile infrastructure can unlock your company's potential for growth

If the application performance of your infrastructure's not up to the task of running the latest applications, your company has a problem: it could soon find itself getting clobbered in the marketplace. Chances are, you've upgraded your legacy hardware as far as you can. Now you need the optimal architecture for those applications — an architecture that lets you modernize your IT infrastructure. IBM's advanced technologies are the answer. IBM can help you ignite your company's growth, while reducing licensing costs and giving you the flexibility to quickly scale up or down in response to business conditions.

Improving application performance with IBM Systems

 Manage growth and improve service levels

It's no accident that IBM servers and storage are so well optimized for the latest application releases: we work closely with ISVs on an ongoing basis. Thousands of IBM professionals toil away in joint ISV competency centers and development labs with our counterparts from SAP and Oracle. They're focused on developing optimized systems so you can count on the service levels and the flexibility you need to manage your growth far into the future.

If you're like most people, you're feeling a little nervous about application migration. Not to mention data migration. That's why we have assembled some of the foremost experts — IBM's Migration Factory — to guide you through the entire process, from planning through implementation.

Perhaps the biggest leap forward in your ability to manage growth will come when you virtualize your infrastructure. So it's important to know that IBM offers a broad set of virtualization capabilities. You can choose from specific offerings or complete end-to-end virtualization solutions — for single servers, multisystem heterogeneous environments and storage. No matter how large or small your needs, IBM has virtualization solutions to improve your flexibility.

You might notice that other companies are keen to talk server virtualization but can't help you with storage virtualization. IBM's got you covered. The IBM Systems Storage N series FlexVol is just one example. Its thin provisioning lets you use capacity more efficiently by resizing volumes without IT staff intervention. By extending your virtualization to your storage infrastructure, you multiply your ability to improve application performance and manage growth more efficiently.

 Do more with less

If it takes you days — or weeks — to accommodate demand, it's time to take action. Flexible, responsive IBM Systems have the headroom to accommodate more demand quickly. How quickly? We're talking minutes and hours, not days. That's because IBM Systems are designed to let you "scale right," according to your demand, with minimal expense and disruption. IBM System x 3950 M2 is the industry's only x86 server that lets you "pay as you grow" by scaling from four cores to 64.

Your diverse workload doesn't have to eat you alive with software license fees, energy costs and demand for space. IBM's higher performance per core and integrated virtualization technology let you cut down on the number of servers you need. This equates to lower software license fees, lower energy costs and less floor space. For example, IBM System p 550 delivers 29 percent more performance than PA-RISC Superdome, for lower energy, maintenance and software costs.

The IBM BladeCenter® accommodates Intel, AMD and IBM's Power processor-based blades. So you can put almost any environment and business applications – including HR, sales, payroll and e-mail – on one machine.

Tired of adding servers as your databases grow? We have a better idea. "Scale right" with IBM. System x 3950 M2 lets you scale up to 16 sockets (64 cores).

Think 1,176 TB of raw storage capacity might tide you over for a while? IBM N series storage systems feature thin provisioning, which lets applications automatically add storage capacity and utilize it efficiently without IT staff intervention.

 Streamline systems maintenance

A lot of the system administrative costs you're paying now may not be necessary. Chances are IBM Power and System x enterprise servers could support more users and greater workloads per server than your current servers, producing significant savings.

With Power servers with Capacity on Demand and PowerVM virtualization, you could gain the ability deploy and service your applications faster than ever.

Imagine you had a single interface for both server and SAN/LAN administration. That's exactly what BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager provides, reducing many users' server, data and storage deployment time from weeks to minutes. It works with all BladeCenter Ethernet and Fibre Channel switches and fabrics from vendors such as Cisco, Nortel Brocade and QLogic.

Do you struggle with a heterogeneous, multisystem infrastructure? IBM extends virtualization beyond the UNIX environment, allowing you to put multiple applications and operating systems on the same server and easily move them from one server type to another.

Virtualization doesn't stop with servers. IBM SAN Volume Controller provides a single point of management over your heterogeneous server and storage systems, bridging those differences that take a lot of administration time.

 Reduce business risk

You're responsible for keeping the business up and running — and there's no longer any acceptable level of downtime for your applications. IBM knows the territory well. IBM Systems have the hardened technology, with high availability and resiliency solutions to keep your business up and running:

Do a better job of managing planned and unplanned downtime, with IBM Power Systems' Live Partition Mobility and Application Mobility.

Cut the risk and cost of migration, with the help of IBM Makeover Services and IBM Migration Factory and the depth of experience of over 1,000 successful migrations

 Why IBM for SAP

Over 30 years, IBM and SAP have seen thousands of customers through successful implementations. Our ongoing relationship extends beyond mere compatibility. We work closely together to be sure each new IBM system is optimized to run the latest SAP releases. That translates into real-world advantages for you.


Even IBM can top its own top notch SAP server performance. With IBM's new IBM Power Express 520, 2-core, v4.2 you can gain 54 percent greater performance for your SAP NetWeaver 7.0 applications over the 1.9 GHz POWER5+ IBM System i 520.1


The 64-core IBM Power 595 delivers 35,400 concurrent SAP users. That's more than any of its rivals — including Sun and HP. It's also twice the number of SAP users per core of Sun or HP. So you'll be able to scale with precision, according to your demand.
Don't have that many users? The IBM Power 16-core p 570 system supports up to 8,000 SAP users. This represents 2.7 times the number of users of a 16-core HP Integrity rx8620. This even surpasses competitive systems such as the Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 with 2-3 times the number of cores. In addition, performance is linearly scalable from 4-core to 8-core and even 16-core systems, proving once again that IBM's modular SMP system design provides sustained performance advantages, regardless of how large business needs grow. 2

Reduce risk

IBM servers and storage are optimized for the latest SAP application releases. Joint ISV competency centers, development labs and services teams staffed by thousands of professionals means that applications are tuned to run at optimal levels on IBM systems and storage, and that highly skilled resources are available to help customers move to IBM.

Only need four sockets for now? The System x3950 M2 is an affordable, 4-socket, 3U modular building block. It's optimized for database processing, enterprise applications and consolidated virtual-server environments. Its high-speed interconnects allow you to expand seamlessly from 4 to 16 sockets (64 cores). You could then transition to 64-bit applications, or add capacity when you need it — without costly up-front investments.

The new line of Power Systems combines System p, System i and three operating systems — UNIX, Linux and i (formerly i5/OS®) — into one server platform, offering greater application choice, simpler pricing and reduced energy and administration costs.

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 Why IBM for Oracle


IBM Systems solutions allow you to fully exploit the functional capabilities of your database and business applications, such as ERP or BI, improving business performance. N series SnapManager storage software is designed to improve application environment performance by providing automated policy-based data protection and disaster recovery operations for Oracle, SAP and VMware server environments.

Using System x enterprise servers for large applications such as databases allows for fewer servers required for a given workload due to increased performance and memory/processor scalability. In fact, the System x 3950 M2 has the highest x86 TPC-C result published to date. As of February 5, 2008.

Power6 provides the best performance per core for SAP and Oracle:

Oracle certifies its applications and technology for the AIX operating system on all Power servers running AIX, which simplifies administration.


With IBM’s higher performance and integrated virtualization technology, fewer servers are needed for the same or increased workloads – and this equates to lower software license fees, lower energy costs, less floor space and simpler administration.

IBM's POWER6 processor has leadership performance per core for Oracle and SAP environments with the #1 4-core TPC-C results with Oraclesource:

IBM is the only tier-1 vendor to support modular scaling from 2-socket/4 core up to 16-sockets/64-cores with the System x 3950 M2. This revolutionary scale-up design is excellent for consolidation and virtualization for large applications such as databases because it allows you to use fewer servers for a given workload, which can help reduce complexity and save on costs.

An 8-core Power 550 Express gives 16 percent more database transaction performance at only 9 percent of the energy cost of a 64-core HP 9000 Superdome2. It achieves this performance with 98 percent less space and 56 fewer cores, an 87 percent savings in per-core software license fees.4

Reduce Risk

Moving your application or database environments is not a light decision. But it helps to know that IBM and Oracle have seen thousands of customers through successful implementations. Our ongoing relationship extends beyond mere compatibility. We work closely together to be sure each new IBM system is optimized to run the latest Oracle database, middleware and application releases. That translates into real-world advantages for you.

Kuakini Health Systems (US) needed to maximize data center space and meet regulatory requirements. They deployed their Oracle solution on an IBM BladeCenter with five Intel-based blades. A redundant system was installed as backup. The Oracle 10g database runs on redundant IBM System x3850 servers. IBM N5200 System Storage provides network attached storage. The solution has provided improved IT systems access security, enabled a new identity management program, expanded data center capacity and enabled IT disaster recovery.

The new line of Power Systems combines System p, System i and three operating systems — UNIX, Linux and i (formerly i5/OS®) — into one server platform, offering greater application choice, simpler pricing and reduced energy and administration costs.

Optimized for IBM Servers

Through joint IBM/Oracle competency centers and development labs, Oracle applications are tuned to run at optimal levels on IBM servers. That translates into clear performance gains versus competitors who don't have access to that level of cooperation.

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Funding is a significant part of any migration effort. IBM Global Financing can help. We offer project financing to help you get started with your application and data migration. When you migrate, you'll need to dispose of your old equipment. IBM Express Asset Recovery Solutions (ARS) offers a comprehensive range of reasonably priced buyback and disposal services.

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1 SAP BI Data Mart Benchmarks published on 8th April 2008

2 (link resides outside of

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4 (link resides outside of; HP 9000 Superdome Enterprise Server, Submitted 7/30/2003. 64 cores for the HP superdome to 8 cores for the Power 550 Express results in 87 percent fewer cores.

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