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As your company grows, so does pressure on your data centre. You may find that you need to add more and more server capacity to meet these demands. But more servers lead to an escalating systems management burden, increasing server sprawl, and growing power consumption during a time of soaring energy costs.

With virtualisation on IBM System x® and BladeCenter®, new workloads do not have to mean new servers.

IBM solutions allow you to meet the demands of your business – today and tomorrow – while helping you keep cost and complexity under control. With System x and BladeCenter systems, you get:

IBM BladeCenter HS23

The BladeCenter HS23 is a performance-optimised blade server ideal for network and server virtualisation. The HS23 features up to 2 Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2600 product family, integrated 10 GbE Virtual Fabric that can scale up to four 10 Gb physical ports for high speed networking bandwidth, and 16 DIMM slots supporting up to 256 GB of DDR3 memory for supporting more and larger virtual machines per blade compared to previous generations.

IBM eX5 systems optimised for virtualisation

IBM System x and BladeCenter workload optimised systems for virtualisation are preconfigured, pretested configurations, optimised to deliver more partitions and larger workloads. Containing the right balance of processing power, memory and I/O, and pretested with VMware and Red Hat (KVM) virtualisation software, these server configurations can help reduce your expenses with no trade-offs to business productivity. And unlike the competition, IBM provides you with the opportunity to order a pre-integrated system that is easy-to-deploy, containing all the necessary components to get your business-critical workloads up and running within minutes.

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