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IBM x86 systems offer maximum memory for superior database performance

Your business runs on data. You collect more of it every day. You demand more insight from it every day. To get the most out of your data, you need a dynamic and scalable infrastructure that helps you respond quickly to changing business demands. IBM System x® and BladeCenter® systems are designed for performance and reliability while offering ease of deployment, management and extraordinary flexibility and efficiency.

Increase performance & accelerate deployment with new database optimised systems.

IBM System x and BladeCenter workload optimised systems for database are preconfigured, pretested configurations, optimised to deliver increased performance for your most demanding transactional database workloads. Containing the right balance of processing power, memory and I/O, and pretested with industry-leading database software, these server configurations can help reduce your expenses with no trade-offs to business productivity. And unlike the competition, IBM provides you with the opportunity to order a pre-integrated system that’s easy-to-deploy - containing all of the necessary components - to get your business-critical workloads up and running within minutes.

x3950 X5 Workload optimised System for Database



x3690 X5 Workload optimised System for Database



HX5 Workload optimised System for Database



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An industry first: 1 million IOPS on a blade server !

BladeCenter HX5 makes it possible to deliver more than a million 4K random IOPs.

IBM DB2 pureScale running on IBM System x servers

Discover high availability and exceptional scalability for your online transaction processing applications.

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What you wish you could do - IBM System x M4 cloud computing

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