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Your business needs to manage costs while meeting the demands of customers, partners and employees. You need rack systems that offer the performance your applications need, the flexibility the market demands, and the availability your customers expect—all at a cost your business can afford. eX5 systems feature exclusive IBM X-Architecture innovations that deliver unparalleled capability, while continuing to leveraging open, standards-based components for affordability, flexibility and choice.

The new System x3850 X5 has the capability to scale from 4 to 8 sockets with memory, storage and processing capacity to meet the demands of your business now and into the future. The new System x3950 X5 offers the same core features as the x3850 X5 and is workload optimised to deliver performance and rapid deployment of database applications, virtualised environments or SAP In-Memory Appliance, SAP HANA™, depending on your business requirements.

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Why choose System x3850 X5 or x3950 X5?

The System x3850 X5 and x3950 X5 are designed to help your business address demands from key workloads.

  • - Larger, faster databases

    Support larger, faster databases than today’s systems can handle. Your databases need more memory, processing power, and room to grow. MAX5 memory expansion and eXFlash SSD technology increase your system’s memory capacity and storage performance, delivering larger, faster databases and reducing the need for additional systems or external storage.

  • - Consolidation

    Consolidating and virtualizing workloads from multiple servers onto a System x3850 X5 or x3950 X5 with MAX5 can help lower costs. Consolidation of many-to-one conserves rack space while enabling higher utilisation, better ROI, lower administration costs and reduced energy consumption.

  • - Enterprise workloads

    With x3850 X5 and x3950 X5, you can run your enterprise workloads more efficiently and protect your IT investment. Move enterprise workloads off proprietary platforms like Sun SPARC and HP with Itanium to a more cost efficient, industry-standard platform. Take advantage of the enterprise-class robustness and reliability of the IBM eX5 platform. Leverage the memory and performance scaling capabilities of the x3850 X5 and x3950 X5 servers to flexibly manage workloads.

Key features

The new System x3850 X5 and x3950 X5 offer improved performance and enhanced features including MAX5 memory expansion and workload optimised models to improve integration and efficiency. Compared to previous generation servers, the x3850 X5 and x3950 X5 offer:

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Redefining X.

Smarter systems for a Smarter Planet
IBM eX5 enterprise systems can help you maximise memory, minimize cost and simplify deployment


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