IBM Flex System POWER processor-based compute nodes

UNIX, Linux, and IBM i solutions for your business

Companies embracing Smarter Computing are implementing their IT infrastructures on IBM® POWER® architecture-based systems to outpace their competitors by delivering services faster, differentiate their offerings by delivering higher quality services, and turn operational cost into investment opportunity by delivering services with superior economics.

POWER processors, in conjunction with software and domain expertise, provide an ideal foundation for designing workload-optimised systems for AIX, IBM i, and Linux applications. They feature market-leading PowerVM virtualisation that delivers higher workload density, greater throughput, and declining cost per VM as you scale your infrastructure unlike competitive virtualisation such as VMware. With reliability, availability, serviceability, and security that is years ahead of the competition, POWER offers the trusted resiliency and performance you need for mission critical workloads.

POWER compute nodes Business use Processor Memory capacity (Max) Internal storage (Max)

IBM Flex System p260

Ideal for optimising a broad range of general purpose and infrastructure workloads. 8 or 16 cores, POWER7® 64-bit processors with AltiVec SIMD and Hardware Decimal Floating-Point acceleration or 8 or 16 cores, POWER7+ 64-bit processors with VSX, Memory Expansion acceleration and Encryption acceleration 16 DIMMs;
up to 512GB
Up to 1.8TB

IBM Flex System p460

Designed for demanding commercial workloads that need superior scalability and performance. 16 or 32 64-bit POWER7® cores with AltiVec SIMD and Hardware Decimal Floating-Point acceleration 32 DIMMs;
up to up to 1TB
Up to 1.8TB

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