IBM BladeCenter S beats the competition

Competitive advantages - an IBM cost advantage over $4,000 USD

All blades are not created equal.

IBM® BladeCenter® is a highly integrated system comprising of blade servers, storage, management and networking options that help reduce management complexity, increase performance and energy-efficiency while significantly reducing costs with a highly reliable and flexible design that deters the need for “rip and replace” as capacity needs change. Top 5 reasons to choose IBM BladeCenter:

1. The widest choice of compatible chassis, blade servers, storage and networking offerings
2. Rock-solid availability with multiple layers of redundancy
3. End-to-end reliability and a commitment to best practices
4. Excellent power efficiencies with pioneering cooling technologies
5. Superior I/O performance and switches based on open technology

Is your IT environment in need of better performance and efficiencies?

The IBM BladeCenter HS23 blade server can help improve the economics of your data centre with up to:

IBM BladeCenter: smarter systems for a smarter planet

Today’s data centre environment is tougher than ever. You need to reduce IT cost and complexity. You need to manage space requirements, power consumption and heat output. And you need to do these things while increasing flexibility, utilisation and manageability. So how do you manage the explosion of data and still reduce costs? IBM BladeCenter has the flexibility and reliability you need to manage the massive – and growing – amounts of data that your systems are creating without adding complexity. The innovative, open BladeCenter design offers a true alternative to today's sprawling racks and overheated server rooms. Migrate to the blade server solution that lets you do it all and reduce costs. You have nothing to lose but complexity.




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IBM offers integrated solutions with BladeCenter at the core.

Got virtualisation bottlenecks?

Get IBM BladeCenter HX5! It delivers the memory and I/O flexibility needed for break-through virtualisation agility.

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