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Maximise memory

Going beyond the industry standards with unique innovations from fifth-generation IBM® X-Architecture® technology (eX5), the new IBM BladeCenter® HX5 enables unprecedented performance and utilisation in a blade form factor for database and virtualisation. With enhanced MAX5 scalability, the HX5 blade offers memory capacity of up to 1.25 TB—in a double-wide blade. The result is optimal server utilisation with more virtual machines per system and larger and faster databases.

Minimise cost

With MAX5, HX5 offers the most memory of any server in its class. Reduce software license costs by expanding memory capacity with MAX5 without purchasing additional processors.

Easy to own, manage and upgrade with pay-as-you-grow expansion, the HX5 blade server helps protect your investments over the long term. Capabilities such as advanced light path diagnostics, error handling and around-the-clock remote access management help simplify systems management and minimise downtime. Automatic node failover and QPI faildown help promote greater system uptime.

Product features

Hardware summary

Feature Benefits
Fifth generation of IBM X-Architecture technology
Up to 40 processor cores with a 4-processor blade in a 1.25U equivalent space
MAX5 memory module
Up to 1.25 TB maximum memory capacity
Flexible systems that can independently scale for processor and memory
Flexible logical node partitioning
Virtualisation support
Automatic node failure
Predictive Failure Analysis
Machine check architecture
Trusted platform module (TPM)
Light path diagnostics standard
Dual and redundant power and I/O connection
IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager™
Form factor/height Singlewide (30 mm) – double-wide (60 mm)
Processor (max) Intel Xeon E7-8800, E7-4800 and E7-2800 processors; 6/8/10 cores, up to 2.67 GHz
Up to 2 processors per single-wide HX5; scalable to 4 processors
Number of processors (std/max) 1/2 (scalable to 4)
Cache (max) Up to 30 MB per processor (10 core)
Memory (max) 16 DDR-3 VLP DIMM slots, capacity up to 512 GB, per single-wide HX5, 1.0 TB for a 4-socket HX5 configuration, and 1.25 TB for an HX5 + MAX5 configuration
Expansion slots
Disk bays (total/hot swap) Two non-hot-swap bays supporting solid-state drives per single-wide HX5
Maximum internal storage Up to 800 GB of solid-state storage per single-wide HX5 (with 400 GB SSDs)
Network interface Broadcom 5709S onboard NIC with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with TOE
RAID support Optional RAID-0, -1, -1E
Systems management Integrated systems management processor
Operating systems supported Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, VMware
Limited warranty 3-year customer replaceable unit and on-site limited warranty

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