BladeCenter blade servers chassis

The BladeCenter chassis helps form your IT foundation and can be tailored to the different types of applications, environments and performance requirements you have in your business. Offering five choices, including chassis for data centres, stores or remote sites and non-traditional environments, you can easily tailor a solution to meet your needs—just pick the right fit. With BladeCenter, blade servers and switch modules can be seamlessly moved between chassis, giving you incredibly flexible, mix-and-match deployment choices.

Lenovo BladeCenter S

The Lenovo BladeCenter S chassis combines the power of blade servers with integrated storage, all in an easy to use package. Designed specifically for the office and distributed enterprise environment, BladeCenter S uses standard office power to run your IT without having to invest in a data centre (DC).


7U high/6 bays with two disk storage module bays and up to 12 3.5-inch HDD bays

Power modules

950 W/1450 W AC

I/O modules

Up to four legacy

Lenovo BladeCenter H

Lenovo BladeCenter H provides high performance, scalability and enhanced integration to enterprise customers.

Business use: Ideal Applications Include: High-performance enterprise applications, simulations and other compute-intensive workloads for a wide range of industries including financial services, media and industrial.


9U high/14 bays

Power modules

2980 W ac

I/O modules

Up to four legacy, four high-speed, four bridge

Lenovo BladeCenter HT

Business use: Ruggedized NEBS-3/ETSI-compliant chassis ideal for next-generation, high-performance applications.


12U high / 12 bays

Power modules

3160W AC / 2535W DC

I/O modules

Up to 4 legacy, 4 high-speed, 4 bridge

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