IBM BladeCenter Boot Disk System


Uptime and availability are key focus areas for BladeCenter and have been since its inception. The IBM BladeCenter portfolio is designed to help minimise failure and keep your applications running.

According to an industry studies, one of the most common areas of failure is the mechanical disk. If a disk or boot partition is unique to a particular blade, it leads to a less flexible architecture. A better approach is to consolidate the Operating System image for one or two BladeCenter chassis to an external device, which can be used to off-load the boot function from the blade server.

Enter the new IBM BladeCenter Boot Disk System; a 2U enclosure that is specifically designed to provide boot functionality for up to two fully loaded BladeCenter E or BladeCenter H chassis. The IBM BladeCenter Boot Disk System is a 2U, 12-drive enclosure that supports hot-swap SAS drives, and can be used to consolidate the boot functionality for up to 28 blade servers to a single, highly available enclosure.

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