Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks (SAN)

Storage Networking SAN portfolio ready to support Virtualisation, Cloud and Big data requirements

Why IBM Storage Networking

IBM Storage Networking facilitates the IT infrastructure that helps usher in the Cognitive Era. From accommodation of high speed Flash storage to extension of data replication solutions to global distances, IBM Storage Networking leads the way to ensure our clients get the right application performance they need to grow their business.

New 32 Gbps 48-port Fibbre Channel linecard for the Cisco MDS 9700 directors

Unlock the full potential of Flash storage technology with your I/O intensive workloads with low-latency, 32Gbps 48-port FC linecards for your existing MDS 9700 Director class 16 Gbps chassis. Learn more: MDS 9718, MDS 9710 and MDS 9706

Enabling Faster Flash, High-Density Virtualisation and Advanced Analytics for SMB, Enterprise and Hybrid Cloud

Gen 6 Fibre Channel is the purpose-built network infrastructure for mission-critical storage, delivering breakthrough performance, increased business agility and operational stability. Combined with the Fabric Vision technology and the IBM Network Advisor license, IBM b-type Gen 6 Fibre Channel products like the SAN512B-6/SAN256B-6 directors and the SAN64B-6 switch accelerate data access, adapt to evolving requirements and drive business operations for hyper-scale virtualisation, larger cloud infrastructures and growing flash-based storage environments.

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Enterprise SAN directors

For highest availability and scalability enterprise solutions.

Mid-range SAN switches

For scalable, affordable SMB and enterprise solutions.

Entry SAN switches

For simple, affordable small and medium business (SMB) solutions.

Specialty Switches

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Enhanced Resilient Solutions for Business Continuity

IBM SAN42B-R Extension Switch and Fabric Vision technology enable TS7700 Grid users to gain significant increases in performance, security, reliability and availability between clusters in the grid network. Explore the features and advantages provided by b-type Extension technology in a TS7700 Grid network.

Leverage analytics, mobile and cloud with industry-leading performance and reliability

Learn how IBM delivers an end to end solution for Enterprise customers.

The Network Matters for Disaster Recovery

The IBM System Storage SAN42B-R Extension Switch with Fabric Vision technology delivers increased performance, continuous availability , and simplified monitoring required for always-on business operations.

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